How serious are astrologers on the Internet?

Many people take what is published on the Internet at face value. Thus, for example, opinions on the subject of online dating and single stock exchange comparison differ significantly. It is no different when visiting websites on the subject of astrology.

Is everything that is published on websites about astrology really true? We have put it to the test and our answer is clearly "no". It is therefore important that you get information about astrology and horoscopes from a reputable website.

How serious are astrology websites?

which romantic partner suits Sagittarius?

We tried to answer this question with a simple analysis. We collected data from 15 websites about horoscopes and zodiac signs, which zodiac signs should fit the Sagittarius. You can see the result here:

The most common is a high compatibility of the Sagittarius with the other fire signs Aries and Lion - here the webastrologers on 14 websites agree. With the other zodiac signs the opinions diverge however already clearly. Only about half of the is of the opinion that the Sagittarius is also good with scales and Aquarius. should harmonize. And when it comes to compatibility with the other signs of the zodiac, opinions even further apart. Only with scorpio, ibex and fish are the astrologers again agreed: These were not mentioned on any of the 15 internet pages as being suitable for the Sagittarius.

If one assumes that some operators of astrology websites are mutually if you have copied texts, the variety of answers in the graphic is even more surprising.

How to recognize reputable astrology websites

It is therefore important for you as a surfer on the web to recognize reputable websites. Otherwise you run the risk of believing information from charlatans and swindlers. Four good are clues to this:

Serious-looking appearance: What is your first impression of the website on astrology? Often the first impression and the gut feeling are right. If the page is clearly arranged and only discreet advertising is placed on the website, then this is a sign of a serious Provider. Dubious websites are not financed by personal advice, but first and foremost line through advertising or through the sale of products related to astrology. Dominate advertising banner on the website and you will be asked in many places to display the advertised products, then you should leave this page quickly.

Few or no mistakes: If you make spelling mistakes while reading the page immediately, grammatical errors or incorrectly set punctuation marks, then this is also an indication of a dubious web presence of an amateur astrologer. Errors indicate that the webmaster and he is only interested in making a quick buck with advertising and not in a serious help is at hand.

Content depth of the website: Does the website deal with astrological topics only superficially or does it hold a veritable cornucopia of information? Are only general applications given for the best or do you learn something while reading an article? These are further indications for a serious website.

Actuality: Often you can tell by a year how current the website is. If the last published article was two years ago, or if the footer shows a year that has long since passed, then this is a strong indication that the operator of the website was unsuccessful with it and has more or less abandoned it. If, on the other hand, you find e.g. current horoscopes on the astro page, then this is an indication of a serious provider.

OK, that was a joke!!! Honestly every horoscope you can find online - like on this website - can only be for entertainment purposes. Because the astrology is a highle personal and individual esoterical science. You can not say that a generally written Virgo horoscopes fits all (or even most) Virgos. This is simply Bullshit! If you do believe in horoscopes then you need to get your individual and personal one - taking into consideration not only the date of birth but also the time and place!