Monthly Horoscope for february 2025

monthly horoscope february 2025
February 2025 will be quite a quiet month. However, due to the winter you should not give in to winter depression, but enjoy the short days for once. At the end of the month there is a small ray of hope in the spring, so that the joy and hope can extend you to some areas of life.

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Horoscope Aries February (21.3. – 20.4.):

horoscope zodiac sign AriesWatch out - the competition is waking up from hibernation!

February will be a real challenge for Aries. Because a rival is in sight. So that the Aries does not immediately scratch out the eyes of the competitor, the magic word is: diplomacy. The fire element Aries must therefore exercise restraint if it is not to become an arduous approach. Love is no walk in the park with an Aries! But the love pendulum turns at the end of January: unkissed the Aries remains by no means in the exciting year. Who packs the suitcases, increases his chances of a sweet affair.

From February 1, business is booming. In negotiations with customers, business partners and colleagues you prove competence. Who tries to pull an Aries over the table, has bad cards. Until February 8 you will sink in work. After that, the tense situation in the office will clear up. If you shine now with the right proposals for solutions, you can quickly achieve a promotion. In any case, the best template for a super start into the new year.

Nomen est omen. Active Aries are drawn to the mountains for recreation. To ski or climb huts is seasonal. Even if the boss wants to feel that you would go through fire for him and his company - try not to do everything at once. Headaches and unsightly rings under the eyes would be the consequence.

February horoscope Aries Tip: If something does not suit you, then you must also say that! Grad from mid-February danger threatens - when the competition lurks!

Horoscope Taurus February (21.4. – 21.5.):

horoscope zodiac sign TaurusIt’s raining men

A date every day? An affair now and then? Taurus can have it, but he doesn't want it. The hot temper doesn't care, but Venus sends Taurus a concentrated load of love energy. Fall in love? Not me! - the stubborn Taurus will say now. But if luck is surprisingly already standing in front of the door, the Taurus will think twice before saying no. A flower bouquet from a secret admirer is most likely. Especially for Valentine's Day it could be good that your heart's lover surprises you with affection.

Also in February all sorts of things are coming up in the job for the Taurus. Motivational Mercury thus activates the career boost. A phenomenal feeling for finances and money is certain for the Taurus. When it's time to pay, please! the Taurus simply pulls out his bulging wallet. Especially in February every extra hour is an investment in the future. The bull creates free space for itself in such a way, while it works off the lying down. Just breathe a sigh of relief, clear the bureaucratic pile and you can start the new year with power.

The dreamer Neptune stimulates the Taurus to profound thoughts. The new year also makes you want to do some soul-searching. Taurus asks itself: Where do I stand? Where do I want to go? However, so that you do not build castles of thought as magnificent as the Tadj Mahal or Notre Dame, please do not forget reality. A healthy dose of self-assessment has never hurt a Taurus.

February Horoscope Taurus Tip: Get coaching in self-confidence. This will gain respect and career opportunities.

Horoscope Gemini February (21.5. – 21.6.):

horoscope zodiac sign GeminiStars have many sides

Venus is the ally of Gemini in February, giving you an extraordinary amount of attraction. It could well be that you meet an old childhood sweetheart again. Whether it remains with a nostalgic "you remember" evening is up to Gemini. It is also possible that the Gemini will fall in love again. Whether he is successful - the stars unfortunately do not reveal. For singles the hot getting-to-know phase runs until February 8. Then they stand fully on the boards, which mean the world. The play: A romantic comedy with an uncertain outcome. But who will get the lead role?

Use the quiet time in the office to make your mark. Show your boss what you're made of! He will not lose sight of you. Limit yourself to what you do best. But beware. Beware of delegating tasks. Otherwise, you risk a competitor taking the opportunity to snatch the dream project from under your nose. She could put Gemini in a bad light with her superiors and colleagues. Before you scratch her eyes out - it means to keep your composure and to make the important decisions carefully.

Career does not always have the right of way. So that you do not run out of breath shortly before the goal, the motto is: take the time you deserve. Gemini could do something quiet with your rich circle of friends - cinema or TV evening. Cooking healthy meals together promotes group cohesion and is a nice pastime - your guests can do the dishes ;-)

February horoscope tip for Gemini: Sharpen your senses around the 14th! You will get an important signal.

Horoscope Cancer February (22.6. – 22.7.):

horoscope zodiac sign CancerYou are on the road to success

Everyone wants you. Everyone is at Cancer's feet in February. But their sweetheart is a long time coming this year. For Cancers, love remains light and flighty. However, Cancer secretly longs for love and tenderness, which it does not experience at home in February. Do spring fever come up? The cool aloofness of Cancer is deceptive. If a Cancer is sure that he has found the desired partner, the ice melts quickly. If you think you really know a Cancer - you are mistaken. The character of Cancers is as iridescent as a soap bubble. Just as fleeting when it comes to love. A Cancer likes to do without foreplay - do you take advantage of that?

In February there's not much to laugh about in the office either. What can go wrong, goes wrong. Fortunately, Cancer gets the chance to iron out the mistakes in the last month of winter. In February, Cancer gets a lot of work on the table - but also a big praise from the boss! Counter with humor if a situation in the office should become heated. Because Aries not only want to get to the top, but they storm right up to the summit. Slowly but persistently you climb the boss's chair. Meticulously they calculate all pros and cons, and then steal the place of the competitor with their charming sobriety. From the middle of the month new top tasks come up to the water sign, for which you must be best prepared.

You will spend wonderful days as a couple with Aries, a war of the roses is more likely to be instigated by Virgo. But let's be honest: don't you also like to travel? Then look for the right companion not in the stars, but among your acquaintances. But note: Cancers are also demanding when traveling and will only settle for a good room service.

February horoscope tip for Cancers: pay close attention to what they say. And above all: to whom you pass on information.

Horoscope Leo February (23.7. – 22.8.):

horoscope zodiac sign LeoYour jealousy is unnecessary

Don't think twice about whether your partner suits you: He does! Even if your partner shows signs of fatigue, his heart still beats completely for you. Even if the royal spouse stares at the computer during the day, lost in thought, he or she is guaranteed to be thinking about last night or the night to come. Lions are always the center of attention because they are the kings of the zodiac. Unkissed remains a single feline in February not - unless they want it so. But also on the first date applies - do not reveal too much about yourself. Then you do not have to fear that her counterpart stupidly loses your phone number. The Leo plays it safe with the Taurus. Aries does not play it safe at all. Even if he dredges, ignore all advances.

The professional prospects of Leo only really get going again from the 8th. Apart from short-term daydreams, you have everything under control. When it comes to timing, however, you should wait until mid-February - then your stomach and head will send the right signals and you won't have any regrets afterwards. Because the colleagues of the lion are now something like his family. Thanks to the intuition of the lion he can discuss for hours with colleagues, speculate, calculate - and also make them look old ;-) The Leo shows assertiveness, but also lives up to the zodiac sign in terms of unruliness on the job. A wink and everything is quickly forgotten.

And there it is: the notorious migraine due to loud arguments in the office. The lion would drop everything for a wellness vacation. Why not do it now? Lend a broad shoulder and make nails with heads, if it concerns your health. Cuddling with your partner is probably the best panacea when it comes to feeling good.

February horoscope tip for Leo: If you believe in yourself - others will also be convinced of you.

Horoscope Virgo February (23.8. – 22.9.):

horoscope zodiac sign VirgoNew year - new man

Palpitations on Valentine's Day - around the day of love, Virgo experiences a true miracle. If Cupid's arrow points to Venus, then great love is only a stone's throw away. However, a Virgo will not be served her heart's sweetheart on a silver platter - from a café to a picnic - visiting the relevant flirting spots is a good idea now. A Virgo who falls in love with her city walls has a crucial competitive advantage: Mars provides you with weaponized sensuality! Between a latte macchiato or a table water, Adonis may well show up right away.

Professionally, this is the right time to hit the ground running. New personal contacts turn out to be a real career opportunity. And the hormonal power boost also has an effect on your professional life - but please don't throw your principles overboard, no matter how great the temptation. Because behind the charming facade, a Virgo is... tough. The performance of virgins in presentations can't be topped. Word gets around - and so soon a lucrative offer could flutter into the house.

Take advantage of the calm of February! Forge a new strategy for the next year with thought and calculation. With a cup of tea and beautiful music, a Virgo can fully live out her aesthetic side. Virgos love nature as much as long walks. If you have breathed in enough fresh air, you are already wandering through beautiful Italy in your mind.

February horoscope tip for the zodiac sign Virgo: On February 17, various people have you on the kicker! Watch what you say and keep your eyes and ears open.

Horoscope Libra February (22.9. – 23.10.):

horoscope zodiac sign LibraFluttering hearts and emotional cinema

Caring scales wrap themselves in a cocoon of coolness and a - I don't need anyone to be happy - attitude. However - what is behind the cool facade? A little guidance from the stars: the Libra should not always put secure income and lifestyle into the calculation, but also give in to their gut feeling. Because you can't command the heart. Head over heels in love - the probability of meeting the ideal partner is best around the 20th. Not every partner, who is in the proximity, dares, a balance also anzuspr: Who does not dare, also does not drink champagne.

Could be that the appointment calendar in February for a Libra bursts from all seams. However with the pleasant work atmosphere this comes only to the finances of a Libra. Even if the boss gets on your nerves, perseverance, stress resistance and teamwork skills are required. Mercury gives support to the Libra, but you have to bear the main burden yourself. Nobody works as fast as a Libra, but nobody makes as many mistakes. Conclusion: halve your speed and double your attention.

Shift down a gear? Tell that to a scale. The scale is a pack animal. So to compensate, choose team sports where a Libra excels at commitment. Whether soccer or rugby - even delicate sports come into question for recreation. Long walks help against lack of concentration and attention deficit.

February horoscope tip for the zodiac sign Libra: Take stock and start the new year without old burdens.

Horoscope Scorpio February (23.10.- 22.11.):

horoscope zodiac sign ScorpioThey Fly to Paradise

Scorpios are extremely persistent. For whoever gets involved with a Scorpio lives wildly and dangerously. His fiery nature is only part of the assertive character of a scorpion. If the desert animals have undertaken something, then pull it through. Love must be fulfilled with Scorpios at least with a marriage contract and sealed with a child. Scorpio are in hot demand on the marriage market. But those who make you beautiful eyes, Scorpios are simply not interested. Or do they just not want to see it?

The boss's chair is calling! It could be that Scorpios have some paperwork coming their way in February. Nevertheless, Scorpio should get as much done as possible during this time. Even if you're treading water and need twice as long for everything - going all out at work is worthwhile. Nevertheless, caution is advised, the fire sign moves best in the office only on the terrain that the Scorpio knows by heart. Your boss has absolutely no tolerance for maybe it works, maybe it doesn't - attempts. Make the best of it and use this challenge for constructive suggestions.

Active under palm trees! Competition inspires top performance. If you work so much, you can't let a vacation opportunity pass you by. Whether last minute or the local city pool - the sky hangs full of violins for the active Scorpios. The main thing is sport, which promotes the play instinct and drive of the Scorpios. Just pack your bags and go on a trip.

February horoscope tip for Scorpio-borns: the stars advise you to travel this time over Valentine's Day! Plan now and get the best deal.

Horoscope Sagittarius February (22.11.- 21.12.):

horoscope zodiac sign SagittariusThe future begins now

From zero to a hundred - Those born under the sign of Sagittarius can look forward to an eventful February. Numerous suitors are just around the corner! While the active Sagittarius taps the commitment competence, it may be that the potential candidates were either already too old, too boring or already taken. So directed it sparks then but only at the end of February: as hot and excitable as a Sagittarius is by nature. A Sagittarius leaves no stone unturned, but actually wants to fall in love, and they promptly succeed now.

Save resources - is the order of the day! Unfortunately, you still have the most strenuous weeks ahead of you after February 7. So save your strength and then go for it! Even if you can't save yourself from inquiries - you should get a lot done this month. Furthermore, the competition remains the business - do not be discouraged, but see rivals as a source of inspiration. Between the 14th - 18th you will have a promising job phase. Everything you tackle from then on will be crowned with success! Show your boss what you are capable of now, then he has you in his sights now.

If it takes longer again... don't forget to put your feet up. If you work a lot, don't forget to take plenty of short breaks from the hectic pace of everyday life. Drink a lot and ventilate well - this is how Sagittarius revives its lively spirit. Even if your back hurts stubbornly, a warm bath will relax you! Power Sagittarians need time for themselves even in the shortest month of the year.

February Prediction Sagittarius: If your feelings say yes - don't rush into anything. Listen to your mind. A life in the fast lane - that goes well only for a short time. Rather come slowly and cautiously to the point.

Horoscope Capricorn February (21.12.- 20.1.):

horoscope zodiac sign CapricornThey only think about one thing

If you get involved with a Capricorn, you live wildly and dangerously. Even outside the bedroom they are quickly excitable. At the slightest little thing you explode like a rocket! In a jubilant state or crossly unhappy - everything is possible in February. Everyone is at the feet of a Capricorn. However, not all that glitters is gold - whether a fabulous lover or a lousy everyday companion, the die is not yet cast when the stars tell you about love. However, Venus parks three weeks in your love house - and this means a magnetic attraction to the opposite sex. Singles should go out on the 19th, then they may make an acquaintance that lasts a very, very long time.

Career has the right of way - well prepared for the roller coaster ride in the office is a Capricorn in February. You thought you knew spring stress at work? Think again - February will show a Capricorn what it means to break all records. What helps? Stay calm and keep a cool head - very difficult for the fire sign. It's best to stay out of the internal hassle. It is only reasonable to take a clear stand when it comes to making a decision. Don't let anyone on the job talk you into anything. Your instincts know better.

Please keep your feet on the ground even as your career soars. If you long for an ocean view in the current cold, February will be green, warm and cozy. Within your own four walls, the Capricorn feels right at home - because instead of flashy adventures, he loves genteel tranquility.

February horoscope tip for Capricorns: Keep a sharp eye on the one who compliments Capricorn on the 8th.

Horoscope Aquarius February (20.1. – 19.2.):

horoscope zodiac sign AquariusHappiness in the second attempt

Even if at the beginning of February the love simmers on half flame - freshly in love the Aquarius starts from the middle of February into the love. The cheerful nature bubbles full of charm and the chances are good, from cool to romantic - to finally get to know and perhaps love the dream partner. After the quiet January, things suddenly get serious in February. Mars gives Aquarius a super sexy charisma. Singles now have a realistic chance to meet their man for the coming year. Liable Aquarians have to reckon with the fact that your lover mimes a jealous Othello from time to time. But you're above that, aren't you?

The license to print money has won the Aquarius at the beginning of the year for itself. The stress until the end of the month and the chaos in the office kick up the work enthusiasm and drive the Aquarius to peak performance. Leadership roles are within reach. This month, the long-awaited promotion could come in the third calendar week. But be careful. It is only advisable to postpone business appointments with unreliable business partners. Mercury helps to make important contacts, boosts your creativity and provides that little bit of luck. Taurus advises Aquarius in money matters - therefore: keep warm.

Use the quiet time over the holidays to mobilize your energy reserves - Aquarius will need them for the strenuous months ahead. Not a lean period, but a difficult stage. Even if Aquarius feels underwhelmed in his job - remember, you are not Duracell. Your battery won't last forever, so find a quiet place to relax and meditate regularly.

Aquarius Horoscope February Tip: Be suspicious of flattery. Someone is trying to lull you, only to stab you in the back.

Horoscope Pisces February (19.2. – 20.3.):

horoscope zodiac sign PiscesHands off risky business

In February, Pisces particularly like to stay at home. They feel that they need time for body and soul. Men are only a nuisance. Then when the first tender rays of sunlight break through, Pisces are suddenly flirted with by a new partner. This is annoying at first. However, on the second view, could become from the short acquaintance also... more. Contemplative days in the cozy four walls could become a pleasant prelude to what is coming. Pisces are literally already spring fever on the tongue. However, you may not taste of it until the end of the month.

Without your work colleagues, Pisces will not get anything done. Daydreaming is taboo in the office at the moment, as is being late in the morning or finishing work too early. On the other hand, Pisces will feel great when you have a pleasant chat with your colleagues in the cafeteria. If you use their ideas for constructive suggestions, Pisces will achieve top performance for your team. When the endorphins are jumping in the office, the higher the work piles up - gallows humor is the order of the day. So go for it.

The health companion and reliable partner for Pisces in February is the so-called stress relief. Whether swimming pool, sauna or bathtub - there a Pisces is in his element. Silent as a goldfish, he does not have to remain when humming arias. Aromatic and moisturizing lotions are the icing on the cake for a feel-good day that you have rightly earned.

Pisces zodiac sign February horoscope tip: Money that Pisces put in the bank now multiplies especially well.

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