Monthly Horoscope for October 2024

monthly horoscope october
In many everyday situations you can take a good advice, from his horoscope. October 2024 will be colorful not only in nature, but also in the emotional world of many zodiac signs. Therefore, sometimes it is better to go inside yourself and pay attention to the signs of your own body.

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Horoscope Aries October:

horoscope zodiac sign AriesHoroscope Zodiac Sign AriesNot always a nice person brings something good. Don't put your relationship at risk by acting selfishly and rashly. Remember the saying: all that glitters is not always gold. Don't be afraid to look bad, but make a decision and you will feel better.

Detailed October horoscope for Aries:

Change, change and change

It is the mother of wisdom, according to Russian folklore: repetition. In turbulent times, it's very helpful to view change positively. After all, it's easier to define your own limits if you've already tested or transgressed them. Under Uranus, Mars and Saturn, experimenting with what is possible is a big theme. The most important thing: formulate the right expectations. Too little would mean not exhausting the opportunities!

In the job, new structures can surprise or even throw you off track. On closer inspection, however, they contain huge opportunities - if you are willing to move, perhaps even spatially. You have enough tools to face a new challenge now in the exciting month of October. So don't worry too much about how everything will turn out, you have a lucky angel accompanying and protecting you.

Under Jupiter you have the impression in the cool autumn days that everything runs as if in fast motion. Appointments, appointments, appointments - the only thing that helps: put your feet up and get inspired by the creative ideas on the web. The clever Aries also likes to play around on the popular website , where the clever puzzle fan can pursue his hobby for hours on end. But whether you're faster than your room mate at solving the puzzles will only become clear after the third, exciting round.

Tip: Don't let it get you down! It will be alright!

Horoscope Taurus October:

horoscope zodiac sign TaurusHoroscope zodiac sign TaurusRemember that you can not always be right. Get in touch with your fellow men and try to put yourself in their position. This will make things clearer. Do not provoke a quarrel, but rather try to solve the problems. Otherwise your arrogance can harm others.

Detailed monthly horoscope October for Taurus:

War of the Roses

Venus is not in your favor in October. What used to be one heart and one soul, now bicker that the house is askew. Rely on your intuition and say even in the dispute factually, what is your concern. Pointless accusations and charges along the lines of "But you've done it again" increase the propensity for conflict and lead to even more annoyance. Stay factual and explain exactly what you mean. Mercury will help you in October.

In your job the signs are pointing to a storm. If the otherwise so creative Taurus always had top ideas and shone with overtime, in October somehow the air is out. Do not worry! They already know how they will rock the sick child. You are lucky in October, because you can rely on your colleagues at work. Many of them are looking over your shoulder and will gladly lend you some of their precious time. But don't forget to thank them as well!

Taurus is a real talent for foreign languages. Take advantage of the many free offers on the Internet. Russian, Italian or French - you know which nationality makes your heart beat faster. Learning languages is fun!

Tip: Other people have other problems and manage it.

Horoscope Gemini October:

horoscope zodiac sign GeminiHoroscope zodiac sign GeminiHarmony in partnership can help get over existing stress. Show the people around you that you can be happy. In your professional life you can engage in daring solutions, because this time they will lead you to a goal. However, you should be able to act very attentively.

Detailed monthly horoscope for October for Gemini:

Quarrels & Procrastinators

Did you know that litigation is a form of therapy? Because the lines are clearly drawn. You can give it a try, Pluto is fully powering on your side. "Nothing but the truth" is your motto. And you can also retreat and enjoy the bliss of unattainability: Whatever you tackle now is unaffected and clear. Your partnership benefits from daily quarrels, because in October the roles are clearly distributed for the first time.

Does anyone complain about your laziness? Only an ignoramus. He should first be able to hold a candle to you, and not skirt around the bush like the proverbial cat. Fashionably, the comfortable steps prove to be super convenient, which quickly earns you the title of "Best dressed co-worker" in the office. Keep it up! You'll take the bull by the horns when you finally speak plainly in the office.

Another lucky flash. And another one? And that's not enough for you? You're on the lookout again! You want to spice up your soup with premium salt, test limited edition original flakes, swap the safari for the striped look and combine adventure with poetry. What can you count on? On your wanderlust. In October, we wish you bon voyage. Italy is the secret favorite of gregarious twins - why not book a quick last minute vacation after peak season?

Tip: An inspirational trip will do you hearty good. A good time is October 15.

Horoscope Cancer October:

horoscope zodiac sign CancerHoroscope Zodiac Sign CancerThe ambitious goals you set for yourself, you can achieve. However, avoid entering into a foolishness that is already called beforehand. Sometimes you will not be rewarded for your work right away. Do not be discouraged, but take new courage and realize your ideas.

Detailed October monthly horoscope for Cancer:

Please get on stage

What are you in the mood for? Whether a classic or a ballet, a funny flower musical or a legendary cinema comedy in dialect - in October there is something of everything for Cancer when it comes to love. Whether the popular Cancer decides for the roller coaster ride of feelings or for a foresighted ride on a chain carousel, that is entirely up to the darling of Venus in October. Sparkling flirtation or a pleasant relationship - both options suit Cancer in October well.

Who shoots the bird? Exactly, the sophisticated Cancer completes every new assignment with applause, so that the other colleagues turn pale with envy. Watch out, dear Cancer, not everyone in the team grants you the success you really deserve. Keep your composure and shift down a gear, then fair team play will work again. Otherwise, your colleagues will only get used to your top performance!

Going to a museum and listening to classical music is not only relaxing, it also promotes self-healing. Italian researchers have discovered this impressively in a study with stroke patients. Art fans recover more quickly, because spending time with art also makes the brain more flexible. This makes it easier for cancer patients to cope with their health deficit in mid-October. So: get out of your dreamy apartment and into a vernissage - that's where you'll meet interesting people in October.

Tip: Art makes you healthy! Go to the museum more often.

Horoscope Leo October:

horoscope zodiac sign LeoHoroscope Zodiac Sign LeoDon't think too much about yourself, but also pay attention to the needs of others. In the job and also in love, valuable alternatives will then arise, which you should exploit. Perseverance and willpower pay off in the October 2024 horoscope. However, pay attention to health, the body could quickly give out.

Detailed horoscope for Leo in October:

Happy ending

A big city plant in a country commune - can that go well? Quite possibly you will be approached on the street: "Don't I know you from somewhere, are you perhaps the smiley from my cell phone?" Yes, that's right. That's what you look like. And you look young, too. It's enough to make you sigh, the popular lion thinks to himself, and simply lets the tender advances of his contemporaries come to him.

In the best of moods Uranus rages through your sign. Already noticed? That's why you're hyperactive, mixing Acti-Pearls in cereal, exfoliating in holy water, and brushing over all problems with a spot-removing sponge. You're definitely in the mood to experiment. It would be a lie to say you always feel good about it. But you have amazed onlookers in the office and are creative and funny! Keep it up!

Green happiness - a herb bed can be cultivated on any windowsill. Best of all in such a mini-green house made of metal or glass. Nice souvenir: the gift sets with pots and various seeds for flowers, herbs or vegetables. Simply decorate the balcony to your heart's content and you can breathe again and enjoy your space anew!

Tip: Treat yourself to more free time!

Horoscope Virgo October:

horoscope zodiac sign VirgoHoroscope Zodiac Sign VirgoDon't let people you love take advantage of you. Get your respect and bring out your opinion. You should not be afraid of problems, because in the end you can master everything so far. However, always try to have a clear head in your actions.

Detailed horoscope for Virgos in October:

Cat & Mouse Game

Drama, drama, drama - Virgos experience an exciting whitewater ride of emotions in October. When switching from the extra role to the leading role, Virgos in October feel like in the famous TV series "Forbidden Love". The stage talents receive many new advances in the cool month and one of them could be the very big jackpot. If it weren't for the dear relatives who like to throw a spanner in the works of the familiar love nest....

At work, Virgos can breathe a sigh of relief: at the beginning of October, energy guzzler Mars leaves your sign and your vital curve goes steeply upwards again. You will then be more in the middle, which will be good for troubled relationships. Whether you are a newcomer or an old hand - you will now play the leading role in both roles. Even if this attracts disasters fully automatic, it does not mean that they have a good chance to be promoted in October.

To-do lists are boring! Clever Virgos turn the tables in October and instead of writing down everything that still needs to be done, rather write down all the great things you have already accomplished today. The heroine to fall in love thus contests your own leisure adventure in the wildest time in mid-October, when Mercury tempts with challenges.

Tip: Don't be so resentful!

Horoscope Libra October:

horoscope zodiac sign LibraHoroscope Zodiac Sign LibraYou'll be cornered and trying to break free. However, don't let yourself get nervous in October 2024. Work rather transparently, because you have nothing to hide. This way you won't risk making dangerous enemies. Do sports as long as the weather is nice, your body will thank you for it.

Detailed October horoscope for Libra:


Adorable flirtations pave your paths, and if you have already found your dream man / woman, you can look forward to an intimate time. Libra are considered tender, domestic and fond of children not only in October. Erotic wonder worlds promises the Taurus, the Virgo is the best candidate for a family foundation. However it may come, the pace in the relationship still gives the Libra, these are nevertheless rather dominant, which concerns love.

Even if things don't go smoothly at work until the end of October, the Libra will be happy and cheerful. Privately it looks great. Up to 26 October it goes in the office however under and over. From the beginning of October power robber Mars will attack you, then from the end of October you see clearer in a professional and financial situation. Who now owes whom, something is then no longer so important. And then you will know exactly what to do.

At the end of October the cosmos heralds a quiet time which should be quite to your taste. Nothing pushes, the togetherness is harmonious and tender, and problems are not in sight. It will be exciting at the beginning of October, when you and your partner think about offspring. As a single person, you have good chances of flirting and new friends are guaranteed.

Tip: October 10. A fateful day if you are still looking for Mr. Right.

Horoscope Scorpio October:

horoscope zodiac sign ScorpioHoroscope zodiac sign ScorpioA relationship takes a positive turn. So you also create a solid future for yourself in career and love. However, you will have to invest a lot of time to strengthen this relationship. Give urgency to your upcoming tasks, so you can better arrange the mountain of work.

Detailed monthly horoscope October for Scorpios:

It's rare to experience this!

Your house of cards could soon collapse. You like someone because of his ideas. Stay calm, even if love doesn't reach the breakthrough all by itself yet. Allow yourself rest, switch off. You need a change of scenery and a change, which you will quickly find in a new love. A candlelight dinner is ideal if you want to get up close and personal with your new acquaintance, even if your partner keeps bringing McDonals into the conversation ;-)

At work, it's pure stress - you don't know how to meet all the demands. Say what is the matter and suggest solutions. Be careful not to exaggerate, but leave well-trodden paths! Get rid of the feeling that you always have to do something. Then your colleagues will also appreciate you again for your natural-born talent for closing good deals. Now it's a matter of: Close your eyes and get through it!

Life now shows itself from the golden side. A spontaneous decision can quickly lead to positive changes. You must exhaust all possibilities in October to finally reach your goal: Rest, leisure and family play first fiddle for the Scorpio in the gentle autumn days. So: Put your feet up and let work be work, then it will also work out with the relaxation.

Tip: You have behaved wrongly. Think about how you can change the situation.

Horoscope Sagittarius October:

horoscope zodiac sign SagittariusHoroscope zodiac sign SagittariusThere are not always only new incentives in life. Even the old relationships and projects can still be appealing. Concentrate on consolidating and strengthening your situation. However, you tend not to take your commitments too seriously and meet with incomprehension from those around you.

Detailed horoscope October for Sagittarius:

Silent in Seven Languages

You notice how your inner strength grows. Venus and Mercury freshen up your aura on top of that. People marvel at you, because you have the diva factor. Actually, you don't have flirty weeks. But it feels that way. Venus plus Jupiter lighten your heart and lift your body. Either you have a sexy hourglass shilloutte - or at least it seems that way to everyone. Best conditions in October to finally meet... the right person.

You can casually let 90 percent of your potential lie dormant in your professional life. The used 10 percent is easily enough to outshine everything and make others into willing servants, even if your co-workers don't like to hear this out loud. Generously let girlfriends graze in your lucky territory. One inevitably feels good around you. Thank you for occasionally waving at us from your palanquin.

Ride through Italy on your Vespa, go on a city safari - you're a hit wherever you go. So great that you can afford a few days offline... Uranus inspires you to funny ideas. Nobly playful, radiating elegance and harmony, you prance through October. You shine as if you had deciphered the secret of the Youth Code. Care to share some of it with us?

Tip: Your family loves you - take your time.

Horoscope Capricorn October:

horoscope zodiac sign CapricornHoroscope Zodiac Sign CapricornOvercome your pride and initiate a clarifying conversation. You'll feel better afterwards. Sometimes you have to take the first step towards a problem in order to solve it. Go through October 2024 with your eyes open, so that you can also react to incentives accordingly and take the necessary steps.

Detailed October horoscope for Capricorns:

Paradise & Love

You know the score! Slip in and enjoy the autumn. A new love is like a new life. Fresh as a sparkling Prosecco Aperol, Venus brings you a new love affair. But whether the nice acquaintance could also become more, that is still in the stars. If the new lover behaves as unapproachable, this is not due to the charm of Capricorn in October, because Capricorns as fire signs are considered gentle and extroverted. Better to wait and see and drink tea!

"Freedom for the feet," murmurs the busy Capricorn in the cool autumn days. Mars promotes your transformation from buddy type to power woman in this cool month. A friendly Neptune adds gentleness. Your motto: There is strength in calmness. You notice how your inner strength grows, because a green roof, an outdoor chair under a parasol beckons you along with delicacies, at which the soul of Capricorn smiles.

The desire for the here & now grips the Capricorn in October. "Oh that's nice right now" or "Not either!" - constantly we would like to have more and compare and everlasting. Worried about tomorrow? It doesn't have to be. The magic word against constant dissatisfaction is mindfulness. But what does it mean? Mindfulness, that is briefly the state or the feeling would be there, a little peace in the brain and for the body.

Tip: Keep it up! You are doing everything right.

Horoscope Aquarius October:

horoscope zodiac sign AquariusHoroscope zodiac sign AquariusOptimism is above your horoscope in October 2024. Use these positive attitudes to recognize the wishes of others and realize new goals. Tension and nervousness will fall off you completely. In case of problems, try to blame yourself and solve the situation.

Detailed horoscope October for Aquarians:

Closeness & Distance

Ceres, Venus and Jupiter reveal the uplifting and motivating power of love. Remember this and ensure positive vibes. Forbearance and mildness are normality for you, but in October you should better protect yourself from time-eaters and unpleasant contemporaries. You perceive others with your needs so intensely that you should pay attention to a healthy distance. Learn to dance the dance of closeness and distance perfectly, then you will get more out of your relationships in October.

In professional aspects there is much to learn: observe your handling of authority and effect. You have an intense charisma and have more influence on others than you register. Your gift: uncover hidden potential and transform fears into confidence. To give suggestions is therefore in the sense of the cosmos, but too much emphasis is too much of a good thing. Sometimes gentle stimuli work better than strength, the clever Aquarius never stops learning in his professional life.

Hundreds of photos eke out a dreary existence on your hard drive? Print out the beautiful motifs and give them a small exhibition: Get plain picture frames with wide edges (e.g. from Ikea) and stick them with shells, marbles, pearls, artificial flowers as you like. Then your Lienblingsmotiv also looks the same more and shows its chocolate side. Also great as a gift!

Tip: Smile - it suits you!

Horoscope Pisces October:

horoscope zodiac sign PiscesAn unexpected situation arises in October 2024. In this you need help, which you must of course accept. You also reach the limits of your capabilities. From all sides you will receive support and positive feedback for your work.

Detailed monthly horoscope for Pisces in October:

Envy alert!

People try to patronize you and this is annoying tremendously. Try to stay calm until October 5. After that, the danger of you ticking off and damaging yourself with it is banished and Mars carries away dark thoughts. Don't worry, you already have the right partner by your side, even if he is sometimes a bit jealous of your hidden talents. However, this also spices up your partnership like salt and pepper.

Career Mercury is in a pampering mood in October. Put important plans into action until the end of October. After that, you'll have to be careful as hell not to get yourself into hot water. After October 15, you'll finally be rid of power robber Mars, which agitated and weakened you at the beginning of October. Now it is called: Build up work! Wellness and a few flirts help to polish your ego! Then it will work out again with the next, successful contract.

Okay, the optimal bikini figure may no longer be possible. But your stars give you a sensual charisma. Whoever meets you will be immersed in the aura of a summer meadow. You have the heart of a flower child: cheerful, romantic and playful. At the same time, you are practical: making jam is trendy and you are into such trends. Your family loves you for it.

Tip: October 5 - You make a decision. The right one!

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