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Is Online Astrology serious?
Many people take what is published on the Internet at face value. Thus, for example, opinions on the subject of online dating and single stock exchange comparison differ significantly. It is no different when visiting websites on the subject of astrology. We are on an astrology website here - we do provide monthly horoscopes. But can you take them serious? We will answer this question here!

Sun: zest for life in the horoscope
How full of relish is your everyday life? We do things, do what we set out to do, fulfil our duties, work to earn our living. We may even think, "What do you mean by pleasure? You can't always do what you want. After all, you've got to make a living." In order not to let life itself fall by the wayside, we should mobilize our love of life. In the birth chart our Sun stands for lust for life. The sign in which the Sun is located, the so-called "star sign", can give us a first clue.

Have you ever heard of astrocartography?
Have you ever had the idea of having your astrological connection to the city or country in question interpreted before a more important journey? Did you know that astrology, with astro-cartography, creates its own special horoscope, which helps you to realize your abilities, potentials and inner development in other places?

Astrology and horoscopes - modern art?
Astrology has a history of several thousand years behind it, but probably never before has it been so present and omnipresent as in recent years. The media - above all the modern media such as the Internet - make it possible. Horoscopes of all kinds on websites, on the radio and in magazines; TV consultations, YouTube videos, chat rooms, Second Life and everywhere horoscopes and astrological consultations are appearing.