Monthly Horoscope for September 2023

monthly horoscope september 2023
The stars for September show a beautiful late summer and at the same time a leisurely month. Too much stress should be avoided and generally you have to try to devote yourself to the important things in life and leave the non-essential behind. For new ways September offers itself this year.

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Horoscope Aries September:
ariesThe monthly horoscope September 2023 shows for Aries that you can quickly be brought on the wrong path due to too much jealousy. Show much more understanding and give friends and partners more space and time. This will also reveal opportunities that you have been waiting for a long time.

Rosy prospects

Thanks to the favorable constellation of Mercury and Pluto, you can expect beautiful hours together with your partner in September. You harmonize on all levels and enjoy your togetherness to the fullest. No matter whether you have to cope with everyday stress together or spend Sunday in bed as a couple, in September you can't be separated. Nothing stands in the way of a happy time together with your sweetheart.

Singles watch out! September could develop into the lucky month for the Aries lady and the great love knocks at the door. Be open and trust in their luck. The stars have great things in store for you, just have courage. What emerges in September could be for eternity. So look carefully with whom your path crosses, it could be Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Lucky in love, unlucky in gambling? Unfortunately, your lucky streak does not find its way into your professional life. Nothing really works out. Colleagues are resentful, so be careful. Not everyone really wants to help you. Even your boss seems to get things wrong in September. It seems as if nothing will work out for you. Don't take it personally, just do damage control. A friendly smile and not talking back could save you. Don't lose motivation and win back the heart of your colleagues. Then the sense of achievement will come all by itself. Your private happiness will help you to cope better with professional setbacks and to look ahead with confidence. Stay on the ball!

After so many ups and downs, the Aries lady expects a constant in September regarding your health. Small ailments will unfortunately remain with you. Take advantage of the late summer and spend your free time in the fresh air. Exercise and lots of oxygen let you forget professional stress and enjoy your private happiness more. This will take the wind out of the sails of minor ailments and allow you to enjoy your everyday life. You should get to grips with larger complaints now in September. Finally take care of your recovery. The stars are favorable to finally investigate the causes. Once the diagnosis is made, you can devote yourself to recovery and draw new strength.

Tip: Draw strength from private successes, then the rest will work out all by itself.

Horoscope Taurus September:
taurusDo not behave too irrationally, otherwise others will only demand explanations. Keep a clear mind and finally finish the projects you have started. Only in this way you can concentrate on new things later. However, if you are successful, you tend to be overconfident in September.

New and old

In love there are some challenges ahead for the Taurus. Now it's a matter of calling a spade a spade. Show your soulmate your intimate connection and affection through conscious small gestures of love. In September, you need to address existing crises and conflicts in your relationships. Long overdue debates should take place before the cold season begins. Do not be bitter. Your love will emerge stronger from difficult phases. If you have not found your love yet, do not give up. Your great love can reveal itself in inconspicuous situations. Walk through the world with open eyes this month.

You act in this month extremely carefree, not to say naive. Too much enthusiasm and idealism coupled with gushing can considerably cloud your perception of reality. Especially in situations concerning professional decisions, you should not throw your misgivings to the wind. You should be wary of grandiose promises and not always listen to your gut feeling. You could pay a high price for it. A change of scenery is not always advisable, as change always involves uncertainty and risk. If you have colleagues who appreciate you, show them this through small gestures in your everyday work. Remember that work is not the only meaning of life and give yourself enough rest. For the Taurus it is important to carefully weigh opportunities and risks in the professional context.

Do not be deterred by the falling temperatures, but recharge your batteries in nature. Enjoy the last rays of sunshine of the year. At the same time, however, it is important to maintain a healthy balance and not to overexert yourself. Allow yourself a little rest now and then. Break out of your isolation and seek contact with your fellow human beings. Socializing is an important building block for mental and physical health. September is considered the month of transition; it is the link between summer and autumn energies. Use this transition to activate yourself athletically and to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Dare to do something new.

Tip: Keep the balance - dare to try something new, but keep an eye on the risk

Horoscope Gemini September:
geminiGeminiYou feel the special urge for attention in September 2023. However, don't push yourself too far into the foreground. This way you will also be respected by others. Every now and then you should give yourself a break and take a little vacation. This will spare your nerves and let you recharge your batteries.

Luck in love!

In love matters you as a Gemini are so positively influenced by Venus that you are currently floating on the seventh cloud. You might feel closer and more attracted to your partner in the current mood than you have in a long time. Maybe you even feel the urge to start something completely new and are full of creativity for the future design of your relationship. Your partner likes to be guided by you and is enthusiastic about your current drive. September will not only be interesting for Gemini couples, because singles can also expect an exciting month. Maybe you will meet your great love very soon! Look around nevertheless times more exactly in your acquaintance or friend circle, dear Gemini, here the large luck could already wait for you.

Professionally you should under no circumstances bury your head in the sand. It could become exhausting, especially concerning the communication in the company. Even if you prefer sophisticated and witty conversations and these are your strengths, the Gemini should exercise restraint. Therefore, be sure to keep a clear head and enjoy positive things and the small steps of progress. Even though patience is definitely one of your weaknesses as a born Gemini, it is currently worth keeping calm. Kindness is the key to success in September. Stay friendly even in unpleasant situations, you will notice quite soon how contagious your positive energy has an effect on your environment. Be sure to rely on your gut feeling this month.

Are you not an enthusiastic sportsman dear Gemini? If you are one of those Geminis who prefer a cozy evening on the sofa, this month is a particularly good one to take up light sports. Thanks to Mars, you will be able to start a more athletic life with ease. Basically, Venus and Mars favor the health of Gemini in September. Venus means it particularly well with the twins. With a little effort and a few care products, you can achieve particularly great success in the matter of beauty now. Maybe you could additionally have a wave day with your partner or best friend? In September you will easily succeed in bringing body and mind back into balance - with just a little effort. Take advantage of this good time dear Gemini.

Tip: Make sure you use your free time to maintain your health, at work it's practicality that counts!

Horoscope Cancer September:
cancerThe stars favor both a relationship and partnerships at work. However, you can quickly tend to hectic, because you want to please everyone. Don't let yourself be pressured, but rather be carried away with the joy of others. Concentrate on the people you feel close to.

Trump from the middle of the month!

You may be dissatisfied because your partner reacts inappropriately in your eyes? The high sensitivity, which Cancer increasingly feels during these days, continues until the middle of the month and is very much felt by the melancholic Cancer due to the tension caused by Venus and is currently a great burden. Be careful during this time not to hide too much under their armor, that could cause misunderstandings in the relationship. Cancer shows up from the middle of the month after this grueling phase again extremely sociable and sets clear signals to the readiness to seduce his partner and to carry on hands. Singles should definitely take advantage of the high mood, from one or the other nice flirt could quickly develop more.

As a Cancer native you are always amiable and charming. These qualities are also very much appreciated at your workplace. Currently you are in top form at work - use this good time. Get involved and convince with good ideas. However, you should always keep your feet on the ground and not take off, because nothing is denied to you at the moment and your boss is not sparing with praise. In the last trimester of the month you should exercise a little restraint, that could continue to have a positive effect on your current status in the company. As a sensitive Cancer, you will quickly have a sense of where you should hold back. Your environment appreciates you very much for your intuition and the calmness you radiate at the moment.

The melancholic mood you as a Cancer will probably also feel in your relationship until the middle of the month is clearly reflected in your health. You will notice that you are not as resilient as usual, which could also depress your mood. Take great care of yourself during these days so as not to fall into a blues here. Treat yourself to something nice - a wellness weekend with your loved one could do your soul and health good at this point. Take a step back in your job until the middle of the month before you start with new energy.

Tip: Divide your energy well between the different phases this month!

Horoscope Leo September:
leoBe careful, otherwise the current situation will easily slip out of your hand. However, do not react too quickly irritated, this could leave a bad impression. Pick up your ideas and invest your energy in a new project. Even if the right means are still missing, the foundation stone for your way is set.

Flights of fancy in love!

In love, as someone born under the sign of Leo, you will be bursting with drive and enterprise in September. Also in all other areas of your relationship you show yourself particularly devoted to your partner now - your partner can consider himself really lucky with a Leo at his side and enjoys the togetherness to the fullest. You are not stingy with romantic ideas at the moment, which will surprise your partner again and again. With all enthusiasm, please just make sure not to restrict your partner or overwhelm him with too many well-intentioned activities. Coziness within your own four walls can currently be a nice balance and further strengthen the relationship. To all single Lions: Even if a flirtation brings you a lot of joy and belly tingling, do not rush anything now. Even if it seems unusual for you as a Leo, be careful!

In September Mars and Mercury meet and could already cause chaos for some Leo in the professional everyday life. Responsible for the ups and downs at work at this point is the dominant Mercury, which could put some obstacles in the way of the otherwise so steadfast Leo. Mars, on the other hand, has a balancing effect, helping you to stay calm during the difficult days and to manage everyday life with a little clever organization. It is especially important for you now to finish one task or project before starting the next one. Multitasking is not one of the strengths of a Leo in September, which is why you could easily get bogged down with too many tasks. Your environment will show understanding if perhaps fewer tasks are completed at the moment, but these are 100%.

In terms of health, there are currently no restrictions at all for all Leo. Thanks to Mars they feel healthy, fit, are highly motivated and would like to go beyond all limits. On the one hand, it is certainly very commendable that you are particularly sporty in September, but you should not lose sight of your personal limits. You could do yourself no good by too much overzealousness dear Leo. Therefore, keep a close eye on your heart and circulation, especially when doing sports, and prevent accidents. Due to the high motivation which Mars gives you a lot of drive, there is an increased risk of injury for Leo, which can be counteracted by a little restraint.

Tip: Hold back a little despite high motivation and keep a good eye on your health!

Horoscope Virgo September:
virgoYou think about the deep meaning of many things, says your horoscope. In September 2023 the stars are favorable to find a common basis in love and profession. The future brings new opportunities, which you meet with euphoria. However, do not be cocky and estimate your weaknesses correctly.

Exceptionally spontaneous in September!

In love things are going extremely well for Virgo in September. The security-loving Virgo, who always strives for the optimum and consistency, shows itself unusually quite open and turned towards new things in September. The combination between Mars and Venus provides a mood high for all flirt-joyful Virgos. Interestingly, despite tingling feelings in the belly and great desire for a new and unknown flirt, Virgo keeps a clear head thanks to Saturn. Every date, every acquaintance is examined very carefully to see if a long-term relationship with permanence could develop from it and if it could meet the demands of the pedantic Virgo. In existing partnerships Virgo shows itself to be extremely open and eager to experiment, now it could be a good time to tackle a new project, or to finally work up an old one.

Dear Virgo, you are a real winner and lucky as far as your professional situation is concerned. Yes, you are currently the absolute high flyer in all areas. Success all along the line, even a small extra investment, or a small wish, which perhaps had to be renounced for a long time, you may currently fulfill carefree. Thanks to Mercury, Virgo succeeds in everything with ease and in the twinkling of an eye until the third trimester. Projects can be completed, which typically inspires Virgo. Virgo, out of your nature, strives to always achieve the optimum, to think outside the box into all nooks and crannies. These positive qualities benefit all born in the Virgo circle in September. Saturn supports you positively at present, in all investment matters, provided they are lucrative. Your environment is enthusiastic, praise will not be long in coming.

You can face your health in a relaxed way, but please do not neglect yourself, dear Virgos! A little more sport or a light fitness program should not be neglected to be able to physically withstand your professional success. The sun favors your health in this month positively and gives them a lot of energy and strength. Nevertheless, you may step on the gas a little more from the athletic side until the third trimester of the month. Since as a Virgo you are masters at organizing everything down to the smallest detail, it would be a great change for you to create your own fitness plan. A little balanced nutrition to a balancing sport and you'll feel good all around and do your soul good. So what are you waiting for?

Tip: Even if nothing can stop you currently, you are welcome to take a break in between.

Horoscope Libra September:
libraLibraYou don't always have to assert yourself. Show insight and thus make yourself heard more. Also the ideas of others can be interesting. Try to clarify misunderstandings and create a common path. Take advice from others and you will recognize your good friends.

High motivation in September!

In matters of love, everything is possible for Libra in September. From sky-high jubilant, to sorrowfully devastated. Mars is responsible for the emotional chaos of Libra in September, although he is rather known for a lot of passion and harmony in the relationship - now he can definitely cause chaos in the relationship. Not of long duration, the turbulence already dissolves in the middle of the month and you as a person born under the sign of Libra can rest on your relationship laurels. Your partner will lovingly ensnare you, after all, this is one of the deepest needs of the perfectionist and beauty-loving Libra and basic requirements of a perfect relationship. Singles should keep their eyes open, from lapidary acquaintances or long lasting love affairs could now finally become something solid.

Professionally, the Libra should show a little sensitivity to not get completely bogged down in September. You are bubbling over with energy and zest for action concerning your job - it goes down well, but could reduce success in the long run. This month the aspects of Mars and Venus meet, thanks to Venus the creative ideas just spill out of you, Mars provides additional motivation to achieve and move a lot. Be sure: Your employer will not be unaware of your motivation and will not be stingy with praise. Nevertheless, take care of yourself, despite a lot of energy, motivation and creativity, not to want too much at once, that could hang on you very much in the end. Shift down a gear and approach each of the planned projects with calm and care.

Healthwise, things have certainly been better for the balanced and sensitive Libra than in the month of September. There are several different aspects coming together this month that can make things difficult for Libra. On the one hand, Mars plays an important role in health, which provides a lot of motivation in professional life, but slows down health in the first trimester. This is especially true for fitness. In the second trimester you should therefore focus on light and gentle sports. Gentle and relaxing at the same time could now be started with yoga, the timing is extremely favorable. But Saturn and the Sun also play a role for Libra, because Saturn is pushing: Shift down a gear now, while the Sun brings feelings of happiness and pure joy of life.

Tip: Don't be tempted by excess energy to overdo it!

Horoscope Scorpio September:
scorpioYou can also get through difficult times. However, the horoscope in September 2023 shows that you must be careful in your decisions and pay attention to others. At work, you have the chance to consolidate your position and create new opportunities for yourself. Nevertheless, you must not take too much to heart.

Do not compromise

In September Scorpios can hide their feelings well. You'd better play it safe about the feelings of others before you reveal yourself, because you are easily vulnerable at the moment. Singles long for an intense and passionate partnership. Since there are no half measures for Scorpios, you are not easy to handle for your partner this month either. In September Scorpios want to set the tone and dominate everything. This is not always good for the partnership. Be more willing to compromise and be more open to your fellow men. But if Scorpios get involved in something, then with absolute devotion and that to the extreme. And yet it is you who acts as a faithful companion in difficult times.

Professionally, things don't look quite so rosy this month, as Saturn continues to weigh you down. You must expect obstacles that want to be overcome. If you are not careful now, it can quickly come to wrong decisions at work or when signing contracts. Be careful and don't risk too much. Due to Mars influences you have too much energy and tend to be overzealous and unfocused. Try to use this energy to get your work done faster. From mid-September, Venus influences will make you happier at work. You will be bursting with new ideas, but stay down to earth, because Jupiter can make you overestimate yourself quickly.

In terms of health, Scorpios will fare better in September than the previous months. Since Venus, Mars and Saturn are still critical of you at the beginning of the month, you should be careful in the first half of the month and not expose yourself to unnecessary danger. From the middle of September Venus protects you and towards the end of the month Mars leaves your sign making you more calm and less rushed. The excess energy disappears and you can breathe more freely. Now it's time to recover from the stressful period and recharge your batteries. The best thing you can do for yourself is to give yourself regular rest breaks. Long walks in the fresh air can work wonders.

Tip: Show more heart - The mind may also rest sometimes

Horoscope Sagittarius September:
sagittariusSagittariusDon't lose your spontaneity, because it will give you new ideas that you can use for yourself. You can quickly achieve unexpected goals in September 2023 and put yourself on the same level of your admired people. In matters of health, exercise can help you very well.

Courage is at the beginning

For Sagittarians September holds one or the other surprise in matters of love. It is important to dare new things and to seize opportunities. Even shy fellows will grow beyond themselves and take important steps in the right direction to a life partner. But also an old love can blossom again in September. Like a plant, a partnership requires a fair amount of care. Let your relationship blossom again by showing your love more in everyday life. In September, Sagittarians will not only give love, but also receive it increasingly from your fellow men. Opportunities will arise in new and old relationships. Do not hesitate to seize these opportunities!

There will also be changes in your professional life in September. Doors will open. For Sagittarius, it is important to courageously seize opportunities for professional advancement as they arise. It will be important to be open and honest with colleagues and superiors. If the opportunity for a change of scenery arises, do not hesitate to seize it. Change always brings risk, but the opportunities outweigh the risks for the hands-on Sagittarian. Use the positive energies of September to address grievances openly but constructively. Avoid unnecessary confrontations and begrudging colleagues. You can bring about changes for the better in your work environment.

Dare to try something new! Have you considered trying out a trendy extreme sport? Then September might be the right time to do it. But this month also applies to the sports slackers and couch potatoes: Activate yourself! Get out into nature and do some sports in the fresh air. This will strengthen your body and mind and provide the necessary balance in your life. This month, Sagittarians benefit from positive cosmic energy. Use these positive energies to achieve your athletic goals. While sweating, Sagittarians will find the necessary balance for the upcoming changes in other areas of life in September. September is the month of renewal, this is especially true for the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Tip: September brings changes - be courageous, seize opportunities!

Horoscope Capricorn September:
capricornTry to trust other people. In this way, many situations can be defused. Use reason and intelligence to achieve your goals, not violence. Rejections of the last time finally pay off. This way you will be able to deal with new situations quickly and you will be able to adjust to new ways.

Full speed ahead!

Venus provides you with love and recognition and ensures harmony and well-being. Don't concentrate too much on your partner, otherwise you will neglect your friends. Everything is going so harmoniously in your relationship at the moment that this will set off the envious. Someone might react jealously! Instead of spending the weekend just the two of you, you could go to the movies or the theater together with friends. This will provide a change of pace and something to talk about. If you are single, you will have a surprise this month and spend some romantic moments. It is not easy to live together with a Capricorn, so be tolerant as well, then nothing will stand in the way of a new partnership.

Capricorns are highly motivated in September, but don't be disappointed if you can't realize all professional plans immediately. Ask for help with difficult tasks if you can't get ahead on your own and don't expect more from yourself than you can handle on your own. Learn where your limits are, because you cannot always be successful at the same time. Do not get lost in side issues, but concentrate on the essentials. Saturn slows you down so that you do not become too fast and keep your limits. You are valued as an employee and your colleagues will be happy to ask you for advice. Capricorns have great career ambitions and a promotion or raise may be coming soon.

Capricorn enjoys exercise and Mars' positive influence makes it virtually unstoppable, but thanks to Saturn it will recognize its limits. However, take time off more often and make sure you get enough rest, although you can get by with little sleep this month. Endurance sports such as jogging, walking and cardio training are suitable for the exercise-loving Capricorn to create a balance to the office routine, but do not overdo it. If you are not yet a member of a gym, now is an appropriate time to sign up. Take some vitamin tablets to strengthen your defenses, because just at the beginning of autumn is cold season. Capricorn should definitely pay attention to a varied, balanced diet.

Tip: Things couldn't be better for Capricorn at the moment - just don't get cocky!

Horoscope Aquarius September:
aquariusIn September, you'll find it easier to ask for forgiveness. Better put away your stubbornness in the future. Sometimes the results will come only after long efforts, but they will be worth it. Don't dwell too much on small things, but concentrate on your bigger plans.

Everything will be fine.

When it comes to love, things are quite turbulent in principle. At least three men, who know you from different sides like job, hobby and just by sight, want to know more about you. But you have more important things to do right now. You can't take away the freedom of the original and visionary Aquarius so fast. It will take a few dates and time spent together before he makes a stronger commitment. In September the chances are quite good to find the man or woman of your dreams and to start an intense relationship. A roller coaster of emotions and a love adventure with all its ups and downs are in the offing.

An ambitious idea chases the next, but some is the Aquarius in the next moment again slipped. In the creative area without too much pressure and stress, the Aquarius is fully in his element and can develop optimally. Beware of cosmic disturbances that could bring envious people and false snakes on the scene. You get a friendly and appreciative pat on the back? You are praised and your work appreciated? Things are moving up a rung on the career ladder. You are making good progress and are not drowning in work, but there is still room for improvement. The work climate could be better. Remodeling work and loud construction site noises interfere with thinking.

Too much fast food, burgers and soft drinks are not good for you. It makes you tired and puts pressure on your stomach. It also reduces your performance on the job. Therefore, Aquarius should rather use the last month of summer and once again move a lot in the fresh air, otherwise flatulence and overweight threaten. Like Neptune or Poseidon himself, Aquarius loves to swim in the lake, river or sea. A little dance in the apartment in between relieves nasty tensions and helps against back pain. In September you sometimes feel a little tired, but on the whole you are fit as a fiddle, especially if you manage to practice yoga at least once a week.

Tip: Be smart, play dumb. Don't pay attention to the chatter of others!

Horoscope Pisces September:
piscesA relationship will strengthen and bring a positive September 2023. Your future can change enormously by small decisions. Gather all your strength and courage and implement your plans skillfully. Make sure you get enough exercise and give your nerves a rest now and then.

Energy and power

Venus and your own charisma, a perfect combination in the month of September. A sympathetic and easy-going appearance will take many hearts by storm. The energy of Venus attracts and entices, harmonious and exciting times are ahead. Especially in the first two weeks of September, Pisces will spray new impulses in the area of family, love and friendships. Lovers who are thinking about marriage should consider September as a new month of bliss. And Pisces who have already found their love will rediscover familiar feelings. Also, take advantage of the power of Saturn, which is also favorable. Thanks to Saturn, you won't lose your footing and will be able to fully enjoy the month.

A great month for love, but what about at work? Saturn will also support Pisces here in the month of September. Employees are happy about praise from superiors and self-employed people experience a very good month. Business is going, September a great month for success in the field of work. Conscientious and reliable, the attributes for the month of September. Thanks to Saturn many actions run as if by themselves and the results speak for themselves. So shortly after the vacation weeks the energy boost comes exactly at the right time. Success in the field of work is pre-programmed, use this momentum for a successful time. Jupiter and Venus are also a great help, social contacts will multiply. You only have to want, it runs almost by itself.

Health needs a little boost, fitness is the magic word. Here, too, the stars and planets are more than favorable. Do and do, that's how it should be. Directly in the first half of the month this step should begin, no more excuses. For sufficient support Mars provides, perseverance and vigor are served by Mars. For a balanced inner center Neptune provides and that for the whole of September. The conditions for a start into a new sporty active future are perfect. Mars and Neptune are strong allies in September. But start slowly and act consistently that secret for a healthy lifestyle. Mars is other side of Pisces and helps in many situations.

Tip: Pisces will love the month of September. Many things run smoothly, many things develop positively. Work, love and health experience isolated highlights and unforgettable moments.

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