Monthly Horoscope for August 2024

monthly horoscope august 2024
August is a summer month full of zest for life and energy. This is also reflected in the monthly horoscope August 2024, because energy is the focus for many zodiac signs. The only thing you should be careful about is that you don't burn yourself out too quickly. In general, however, August should be able to provide a good mood and well-being.

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Horoscope Aries August:
horoscope zodiac sign AriesHoroscope Zodiac Sign AriesYour plans and undertakings will be taken seriously by colleagues and friends. However, personal relationships can only improve if you also show the appropriate trust towards others. Sometimes arguments are important to get back on the right track.

The detailed monthly horoscope August 2024 for Aries:

Soul means soul

What to do when it should be cuddly? Butterflies are delicate creatures? Think again. Aries love the grand entrance, but also come into the world with a certain elbow mentality. Now everything can turn into an opportunity and since Aries has so many talents, you can set a new course especially where you have overlooked or missed some things lately. For some Aries this could end in a new, very fulfilling love. On one condition: you don't take your prey for granted and become sluggish. Soul means soul - isn't it the small, shared squabbles that add value to Aries' daily lives?

Watch out hellishly: The boss is grumpy, colleagues think only of themselves, friends, children, partners the same? The only stable constant in difficult bills are the right feelings. Thanks to your competence and enthusiasm for work, success is your constant companion. Unfortunately, Aries immediately questions itself when something doesn't come to a grandiose end, even if it couldn't influence it at all. Under Saturn-Jupiter-Uranus, your workload again pushes you to your limits. In addition, often shatters your plans. Don't despair, there is a good intention of the cosmos behind it: you learn to improvise more, using your rich experience. You reject hierarchies and the all too predictable, but you do appreciate a bit of security - contact with selected people who tick similarly to you is beneficial for you.

No more drama, even if your heart disagrees. Too much self-confidence of show divas sometimes deceives about important details, which really move sensitive Aries. It won't be the burning vacation passion, but inertia gently caresses the souls of busy Aries. Balm for the soul are extended visits to the spa, cozy hours in front of the TV and a chaitee. Open your eyes, let's see who's stroking. Let yourself be pampered and make every single feel-good moment count. Individual massages help with back pain, a hot bath helps you fall asleep. Life is fun!

Tip: Focus on your desires on August 20.

Horoscope Taurus August:
horoscope zodiac sign TaurusHoroscope zodiac sign TaurusSummer puts you in a good mood. However, try not to take anything for granted in August 2024, but learn to appreciate things better. Too much effort should be avoided, because your strength will be used up quickly. Complicated things you should leave behind you and direct your gaze forward alone. This way things will work out better in love, too.

The detailed monthly horoscope August 2024 for Taurus:

Full in life!

Libraries are the subtle catwalks of the university - if you prefer to stay at home during the vacations, you will find your personal love story in everyday places of love. Famous as Wikinita (All-knowing), the clever Taurus attracts attention mainly for his profound knowledge and analytical skills. However, the gentle angel of books sometimes likes to lose himself in fictional dream castles. Whereby the reality holds nevertheless more satisfying acquaintances ready. Taureans give themselves a jolt and face reality. With the book friend hand in hand you show yourself in August above all from your sporty side.

No more doormat. Taureans underestimate the effect of a firm no at work. If you attract additional work like a magnet, the friendly Taurus should ask himself why? The thanks don't come and the colleagues dance on your nose and anyway, making coffee and scanning like the intern is beneath the dignity of highly praised bulls. Even if the first no is hard to say, the talented bull is on the right track with a decisive rejection. Don't let them make you feel bad, because only you know the true value of your work. You may also diplomatically say no to the boss.

Taurus are in optimal shape in August! If in Julie the computer freaks were waiting for the yoga teacher on Youtube, active Taurus devote themselves to exciting outdoor activities. Up the mountain and into the fun! Especially in August, a high-altitude flight over the regional Alps is a great option for hiking fans. After a hike lasting several days, the feet first need a rest: If possible, the sporty bulls run barefoot on soft grass, take cold-warm alternating baths and apply a moisturizing care lotion. Walking is good for the figure and strengthens the buttocks, legs and abdomen.

Tip: Everybody's Darling is everybody's Goofy. Assert your interests and you'll earn respect.

Horoscope Gemini August:
horoscope zodiac sign GeminiHoroscope zodiac sign GeminiTry to find out what you really want in all relationships. However, don't let others intimidate or hinder you. With eagerness and exuberant mood you can pull others along. Also think of things you have not tried or refrained from doing before. Now is the right time for it.

The detailed monthly horoscope August 2024 for Gemini:

Love without limits

You have reached your goal - it would be nice to hear this sentence from the navigation system away from the hectic partner search. Most Gemini would like to know whether you have already come a bit closer to your life goal, or what it consists of at all? A lot changes in the process: friends leave parties earlier, disillusionment sets in at the supposed dream job. The catwalk of emotions radiates an ambivalent energy. Since the universe has surprise in store for the Gemini, Gemini prefers to keep a firm grip on the heart in August, but is open to signals from the outside. Jupiter could send the man with whom you define happiness in a whole new way.

You sparkle with self-confidence that colleagues envy and friends fawn over. So that the high-flyers in the job do not burn like Icarus in the sun, it means: pay attention to details in the job now, because the devil grins often from the small print. Also with the foot traps, intrigues and stupid talk! But the twin manages this with left. Sometimes Gemini could blow up, you are not listened to. Never mind, never mind at all. You need to listen to yourself, listen to your inner voice when clever Gemini hatches another brilliant idea in August. It's worth its weight in gold! Wanna bet?

A hairstyle holds even with wallpaper paste? No way. Geminis like to show off what they've got. The stylish trendsetters know what's in right now and pamper your hair with nourishing treatments and tints. Equipped for the catwalk, the peacock unfolds its full splendor in the circle of its close friends. It is a well-known fact that if you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer. If the Highheels press, old-tried house prescriptions help. Acute blisters can also be alleviated with spreads. A versatile remedy is honey. Inflammation, swelling and pain subside more quickly if honey is drizzled on the affected skin area. That even kitchen medicine has its limits is proven by kicking a sea urchin. But there leading the chances for the twin are bad.

Tip: It does not get light earlier if you get up earlier! So: put your feet up and consciously relax.

Horoscope Cancer August:
horoscope zodiac sign CancerHoroscope zodiac sign CancerThe closeness of people is good for you. Pay attention to the horoscope of others as well. August 2024 can clear some stones out of the way and revive old friendships. Don't see responsibility as a rock on the leg, but exploit it for new possibilities and opportunities.

The detailed monthly horoscope August 2024 for Cancer:

Aim high!

This man is all wrong for you. If love doesn't care about such sentences, Cancer knows that he has landed with the right man. When the best friends secretly ask themselves: why this one in particular - the faithful Cancer counters with a plea for unusual love. Because Cancers don't immediately put everyone different into the cliché box. Actually, every relationship is a miracle, which the bold Cancer has known for a long time. When different worlds grow together in a gentle way, both sides benefit from the balance of individual strengths and weaknesses. Because the irritation of the skeptical environment welds together in a beautiful way. Single Cancerians can also look forward to a breath of fresh air in the flirting doldrums! Starting from 25 August it sparks.

Setting the tone at work, clever Cancerians defend their territory. Focused and detail-oriented, these smart all-rounders earn well-deserved praise from their boss. After all, they have done a good job on the job. The strength of dynamic bulls is their confidence. The great thing about it: this quality is a weapon that never becomes blunt, even in the face of challenges. In August, however, you will be faced with a difficult choice at work - you should examine your living conditions - the fledging Cancer has outgrown the current conditions. So: strive for something new. Your life is more important than your work.

Enthusiasm makes you likeable, successful and desirable - at the moment everyone is courting you again, which is due to your stunning aura. With a new sense of self-worth, Krebe is ready to experiment with your talents in a new way. Your friends will thank you, because Cancerians' bubbling joie de vivre is infectious. The people who seek your contact in your free time also lend themselves to new projects. As long as Cancer is careful to carry out the creation to the end in everything it starts, the stars predict a beautiful time together. With a time-out and an alpine hut weekend, busy Cancers recharge their batteries.

Tip: Cupid's arrow provides around the 15th of August for plenty of excitement! Keep your schedule clear.

Horoscope Leo August:
horoscope zodiac sign LeoHoroscope zodiac sign LeoIn love, the situation seems to stabilize. Moreover, you feel in harmony with your body. Nevertheless, think carefully before making any decision in order to be able to make the right one. Health could cause some problems in case of great effort. But with the good mood in August, this can also be easily handled.

The detailed monthly horoscope August 2024 for Leo:

The grand entrance

Curtain up: with a loud snarl the wild animals love the appearance in the ring: also in love. Although it is not actually a predatory cat nature, lionesses behave gently in August. So: retract claws and use the velvet paws rather for stroking. Quarrel threatens with the jealous spouse, which does not let its Schmusekatze at all at the preference no more from the house. No sooner has the lion conquered a piece of freedom for himself than the pasha wants more attention at home. Despite public scenes, the sweetheart catches himself again on August 16. Whether the romantic Yes cake is served to the birthday boy on the sandy beach or in the mountain tent depends entirely on the trendy vacation destination of lionesses with wanderlust.

DAAARLING, the only beautiful jewelry you wear today, that are your eye rings! Hear stressed lionesses in the office from your best, gay friend. But we know the self-confident zodiac signs quite differently: hot heart, cool skin. Sporty lionesses feel at work like at the Women's Soccer World Cup. Lionesses themselves know how to win games. After all, the professional strikers have learned tactical skills and the right feeling for a successful team formation at the local soccer table from an early age. In August, you're sure to have perfect coverage in the office: you're actually well rested, strong in defense, but still have bags under your eyes...? There is only one thing that helps, sleep more and pay attention to a balanced diet.

Exclusive treats for the sweet tooth are just what lionesses with style are looking for. Cuddly and playful, the gentle huntresses only show themselves in private. When the new friend then introduces us for the first time in front of his buddies as "his girlfriend", sometimes a single moment is enough to save the whole day. There are a lot of activities that make you happy in the long run: with a bit of luck, the stars reward Lionesses with an extra portion of the latter: in August, the chance of catching the S-Bahn at the last second because someone held the door open increases for Lionesses. Maybe you'll strike up a conversation with your new acquaintance during the ride?

Tip: Not getting what you want can sometimes be a great stroke of luck.

Horoscope Virgo August:
horoscope zodiac sign VirgoHoroscope zodiac sign VirgoDon't get stuck on the current situation. Also like to try something new. Learn to deal with your feelings and to think clearly. This way you will reach your desired goal. Do not let yourself be guided by fear or revenge. Failure serves to learn from mistakes and to avoid them in the future.

The detailed monthly horoscope August 2024 for Virgos:

Light as a feather through the summer

Skin-deep romance sentimental Virgos will not find on distant cinema screens. Fate knocks quietly at the gate of tender virgins in August. To everyone's surprise, the best male lead role is played by the best friend! Because with this old acquaintance the gentle star signs proverbially horses: two souls under a hood book the sensitive virgins not only for your summer convertible. The heartbreaker is not necessarily prestigious, but always a faithful companion. At the same time, the better half climbs mountains in his spare time, where the slightest mistake means death. Instinctively, virgins look for a strong protector who carefully takes them in his arms. Then, in safety, the old classmate whispers in their ear: It's going to be okay, sweetie!

Goodbye to paperwork! Very likeable, these virginal jack-of-all-trades - murmurs the personnel manager at the daily conference. How does the virgin always manage to get everything done, despite working on three projects at the same time? The sensitive high-flyers trust their intuition completely, but leave nothing to chance. Despite having the right gut feeling, spontaneous idea manufacturers also pay attention to the small print in contracts. Nervousness? A foreign word. Virgins just want to be who they are. And do everything right.

Everything fit? Who hasn't experienced this: At some times of the day, the only suitable place for exhausted Virgos is actually the hammock. At other times of the day, the active star sign is fresh and lively again. Unfortunately, there is no patent remedy for professionally boosting individual biorhythms, but a well-structured daily plan creates clear goals and provides security. Tight legs train the sporty Virgo in your spare time with the mountain hiking or Nordic Walking in a group. The motivation to get up together increases exponentially!

Tip: If other colleagues mime the dying swan, the Virgo becomes loud: she also has needs and may express them appropriately.

Horoscope Libra August:
horoscope zodiac sign LibraHoroscope zodiac sign LibraIn love and profession things are going in the right direction. However, you should be able to share successes in August. You should also be able to admit mistakes. Thus, the general state of mind can also improve. The stars are in favor of a very good health condition.

The detailed monthly horoscope August 2024 for Libra:

This is what winners look like!

Single, so what? You don't have to take the first guy just because you are single. Clinging relationships as well as embarrassing jealousy scenes are no fun, but attractive Libra have long since left that behind. You just have your own standards and don't compromise in August. However, if it sizzles between two individuals, then Libra like to forget your good intentions and let fives be even. The chain reaction in love really gets going when the dance of molecules mixes into a harmonious love cocktail. Too bad as a sparkling aperitif, too little for a whole meal - undecided scales don't know where their heads are in August.

... and action! With their power at work, energetic scales can fire up a whole power plant. Successful career woman, exciting partner or perfect family manager - an ideal image of the perfect woman already exists in the minds of Libra. What often hampers is the implementation. The good news? It's not your daily lack of discipline that causes self-image and reality to diverge. Today, all doors are open to the modern woman, we can be everything - but also everything at once? Constantly chasing after externally determined goals is exhausting in a permanent way, if not impossible. Release the pressure from the boiler and stand by yourself! Your rough edges also make you lovable.

Creative scales do not have to be called Picasso to give free rein to your artistic talent in your free time. Even if the most beautiful collectibles are gathering dust on the shelf, a nostalgic scale hardly wants to part with your idiosyncratic objects. Fact: Cleaning out frees you. Clever scales sell books, CDs and DVDs relaxed at, they pick up the trendy cult items by the box from home. You save so money and decorate your summer balcony with the first wild spices such as thyme, rosemary or rosebush in colorful flower pots. Smells good and tastes good.

Tip: Beware! There's a rival in sight on August 10!

Horoscope Scorpio August:
horoscope zodiac sign ScorpioHoroscope zodiac sign ScorpioYou can also feel the energy in August completely. You should be able to redirect this to love as well as to your job. Stress builds up quickly here, but you should not take it out on others. Good conversations can help to solve different situations and also to clear them up.

The detailed monthly horoscope August 2024 for Scorpios:

Roll forward

Wrongly connected? The Pink Red Glasses deceive Scorpios tremendously when collecting cell phone numbers on the beach. I always end up with the wrong guy - moan Scorpios when your light figure turns out to be another loser in the love roullette. When his staccato laughter makes tender Scorpios curl their toenails,Scorpios should take stock and ask yourself why you chose this partner. Long distance is expensive and difficult to understand. As quickly as we remove something from the shopping cart again after initial enthusiasm when shopping online, because a little thing bothers us after all, we should not sort out men though. However, if his preference for scooters presses unspeakably on our mind, smart Scorpios should consider whether the relationship still makes sense.

Pure adrenaline! Mastering two arenas at the same time can be quite exhausting for smart Scorpios. Performing the Salto Mortale even with the double load borders on miraculous. The multitaskers are grateful for the little time-out moments at the office in August. The couple's run in the wok still works like clockwork. Everything always has to be delivered in a jiffy or too yesterday... is it still possible? Relief promises the moon in August with the long-awaited vacation. The first thing stressed Scorpios do - turn off your cell phone and devote yourself to the close circle of family and friends. After all, they have been trying to break the radio silence for quite some time.

In the pubs, among the people, the music is playing. Your music. Call your friends next week, via Skype even cheaper. A smile is usually just a mouse click away. Whether it's a spontaneous chat or speed dating via Internet telephony - looking at the most beautiful web pearls together doesn't require local proximity. Clever Scorpios do not save on the most important item for a successful group chat: comfortable bed socks. For those who tend to have cold feet, the extremity warmers are almost as nice as a relaxing care bath for the stressed feet of vital loners.

Tip: Happiness is not always obvious. Sometimes you have to become aware of it first.

Horoscope Sagittarius August:
horoscope zodiac sign SagittariusHoroscope Zodiac Sign SagittariusThe horoscope for August 2024 promises that confrontation can't hurt. This is how you finally enforce your demands, but beware of too much egoism. Get good advice from the people you can trust. Try not to waste your energy, but redirect it to the important things in everyday life.

The detailed monthly horoscope August 2024 for Sagittarius:

On delicate soles

If it were up to creative Sagittarians, the Sleeping Beauty sleep in the cozy four walls could be endless. But first, things always turn out differently, and second, things turn out differently than you think. The Augugst surprises the dreamy star sign with an unexpected visit. The Spanish say with a wink that life is like a handkerchief. Not because it's hilarious or so romantic - sneezes happen easily. They leave their own personal traces, and then when you crumple them up, it happens: you meet again. So August is also waiting for stylish shooters with some surprise guests from the past. There's a knock at the door around August 17.

Shy as a deer, Sagittarians make big eyes at work. Under Neptune, emotional Sagittarians unconsciously look for weak points until you find them. The result is controlling rage. But Neptune wants exactly the opposite from you: more courage for the gap and more confidence for your competence. Focus then on your skills: designing the plan, taking charge of the organization, determining the finances. Putting the building blocks together is of little interest to you; that can be done well by others.

As sensitive as a piano piece by Chopin, Sagittarius loves the first-class advantages that his sought-after profession brings with it. If the successful Sagittarius doesn't have enough on his plate yet - how about Get out of the comfort zone? The cold days are numbered, the cycling season has finally started again. Playful flower ballerinas in a romantic look fit perfectly with cult retro bikes from the Electra brand. These are not more affordable than a highheel, but the stylish answer to the iconic 50s. Decide for yourself whether you're planning a bike ride together alone or with girlfriends.

Tip: The engine should not warm up right away - ride better right away! Then it will also work out with the promotion.

Horoscope Capricorn August:
horoscope zodiac sign CapricornHoroscope zodiac sign CapricornAn old relationship can be revived. You could see an existing partner in a completely new light. At work you will act professionally and reliably, and you will be thanked for it. In health you have to plan more exercise and more time for yourself.

The detailed monthly horoscope August 2024 for Capricorns:

Inventory according to plan

The exquisite house dragon easily doesn't know exactly what he wants in August. They sparkle with self-confidence, but are insecure in their love life. Capricorn has a great desire to experience something and will make an exciting discovery. Nothing with summer peace, with dull evenings in front of the TV. Pluto now uncovers everything that is bubbling under the surface in your relationship and shows exactly what your patterns look like. All expectations of your counterpart can become almost distressingly clear to you. In addition, Capricorn will realize to see own traits, which they have so far liked to chalk up to the other. An honest stocktaking and inner inventory helps to lift the relationship to a new level.

Stress to the power of three! Those who always carry around their list of ideals with wishful thinking will eventually become operationally blind. Colleagues can help to look for priorities without getting lost in unimportant details. Simply rushing away with full throttle does not solve the upcoming problems. But Capricorn wouldn't be Capricorn if it didn't have a Plan B for difficult situations. What helps? First get the overview, then dive deep into the tangle and finally take off completely. In this way, the upcoming thunderstorm is filed away in three Ácts. Even if the neighboring office is busy around the clock, cool Capricorns keep their charming composure and are confident in August: it will work out.

The three most beautiful words in the world in August? Food is ready. Freely following the motto: two cyclists are also a beer, the easygoing Capricorn takes strenuous leisure activities rather calmly. Sleep is a poor substitute for coffee, but the domestic Capricorns love it rather cozy in July. You can turn off the TV, silence a radio, let the maniac race by with his speakers turned up in the car. But there still remain the garish piles of house mailings from the neighboring supermarket, the building fronts scaffolded with billboards, the neon logos and 11.8 million graffiti on every free square meter of the city. The old time to breathe - the Capricorn wonders - where has it gone? Often surprisingly close: where our roots are: in the woods. The soul of sensitive Capricorns longs for untouched slowness: on foot. Give her some forest ground and you will see....

Tip: When mom says: Cute outfit! - quickly back to the closet. On August 18 comes the hoped-for windfall!

Horoscope Aquarius August:
horoscope zodiac sign AquariusHoroscope zodiac sign AquariusAccording to the horoscope August 2024, you are estranged from certain people in your life. However, don't let others restrict you and listen to your inner feeling. You are especially sensitive to criticism and should not take it to heart so much. Keep following your path and you will be able to leave the right impression.

The detailed monthly horoscope August 2024 for Aquarians:

The prodigy at work steps on the gas

Wanderlust? A foreign city is even more fun for the curious explorer. When the attractive Aquarius travels, the extroverted travel lover quickly makes new acquaintances. Even if it doesn't work out right away at the first approach, clever Aquarians know the best flirting strategies on the beach. Capitulating and giving up with chocolate on the couch is out of the question for clever Aquarians. In their new bathing suits, sun lovers ask for signatures of the opposite sex on a postcard with a smile on their lips. After 20 signatures, the postcard is then sent to the ex-girlfriend's address. The side effect - one comes fast with interesting vacationers into the conversation!

Even if in the job the circumnavigation of the world failed - the Stehaufmännchen prove in August the correct diplomatic skill with the conclusion of an important vocational contract. With nostalgic moon contemplation the successful Aquarius shrugs his shoulders and prepares his first-class comeback. In the job, advancement is in the air because you clearly and convincingly put the emphasis in the right place. Under summer Venus the creativity of clever Aquarians grows minutely, thanks to Neptune your incorruptible logic is joined by intuition and imagination. Forget previous limits - you may believe in miracles!

You already know every scratch on the regulars' table in your local pub? More glamour, please - complains the stylish Aquarius and thinks: today Nice, tomorrow St. Tropez. The summer will be more extravagant than ever for careful Aquarians. That can't be all - complains the attractive Aquarius and lives up to his name at the exclusive scene locations of the Mediterranean. With the snorkel in the mouth they plunge into the cool water and dare the jump from the cliff. According to the motto: higher, faster, further, you will discover undreamt-of power resources in your innermost being that will spur you on to new peak performances.

Tip: Retro postcards from your vacation may be kitschy - but the fashion is definitely in keeping with the spirit of the times. Stand by your feelings.

Horoscope Pisces August:
horoscope zodiac sign PiscesHoroscope zodiac sign PiscesAugust will be very emotional for you. Try to solve things immediately, otherwise it could be too late. Time for repentance is appropriate and should be taken. In your job you will prove your competence and you will be able to estimate your performance better. However, make sure that you do not lose concentration before loud energy.

The detailed monthly horoscope August 2024 for Pisces:

Recreational Chocolates

Things can get emotionally wild in August: Love, lust, and their misdirections are the topic. You are currently meeting people who play a much bigger role for you than you thought. Could this be the one and only, the one you have been longing for? To the current emotional turmoil comes the need to hold dialogues with your soul. You have to have that much time! Profound Pisces mean business. You can only stay in balance if you have retreats to clarify emotional sensitivities.

Your professional chapter can use a new script. Before you tackle important professional decisions, it's worth checking whether fulfilling your wishes will actually have a positive effect on your life. In the office jungle, despite the cooling system, it is not at all easy to determine the route of march, because the accompanying circumstances are constantly changing. This often obscures your view of your own projects and the important people who work with you.

Fire away! Garden lovers have long since reserved the license to grill for themselves for the coming summer season. With a homemade marinade under their arm, the white chef's hat with their name on it and several kilos of grilled meat, sociable fish get off to a flying start in August. When it gets dark over the hot flames, the party continues in your own garden shed. The exclusive garden items made of modern polyester rattan or simple Italian terracotta are simply simple and beautiful. It's not true, the bigger the grill, the better the steaks. Be careful when re-firing with alcohol - it could get hot in August.

Tip: Rather wait on 17.8. and then judge

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