Monthly Horoscope for March 2025

monthly horoscope march 2025
In horoscope march 2025 there could be some forks in the road for zodiac signs and also new opportunities open up. With the arrival of spring, the inner spirit starts to live again and radiates joie de vivre and cheerfulness. You should not be influenced too much by outsiders in march, because after all, the personal path is the one that really counts.

Do you also believe that South Seas happiness is not far away? You don't have to board planes, set sail on ships or hijack helicopters to dream of the South Seas. Normal people like you and me also have a right to daydream, even if the current march-horoscope does not promise a trip.

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Horoscope Aries march 2025 (21.3. – 20.4.):
horoscope zodiac sign AriesYou must not give yourself a break now, but simply continue with your previous successful path. After that you can easily reach even unexpected goals. If there are problems in your job, they will not last and will soon pass. Take care of your health and your stomach.

Detailed monthly horoscope march for Aries:

Double success

Difficult job, complicated partner? You're definitely rid of last month's troublemakers Mars and Pluto. Take a deep breath! The Aries is looking forward to quiet times for now. Can the Aries finally fully enjoy his newfound love happiness in his own four walls. Cuddling together, watching a movie - the Aries benefits from the relaxing hours for two. Charges itself nevertheless in such a way its accumulator again fully and completely. For singles, it's quite possible to click your way to new love happiness from your sofa. Online dating makes it possible and increases the hit rate. Mercury maneuvers you safely through all shoals. At the latest now you will meet a partner with whom the Aries in march can steal horses.

Bad luck at play, good luck in love? Not so for Aries. The lucky child of the stars scores in all areas of life. Praise from the boss, a bonus, and then winning an important customer - Aries have success pached for them. On the office corridor people greet you reverently, fear your criticism and appreciate your advice. Could things be better for Aries? Yes, it could. Aries should hold his tongue and avoid bragging about his successes. That creates envy. If the Aries is smart, he will remember his roots and become an animal of the herd again. The stars advise: seek consensus with your colleagues. Otherwise there is a danger that out of disappointed vanity or wounded pride - an intrigue will be prepared against you.

When the bedroom becomes the office, it's time to hit the brakes. While success at work is well deserved and you shine with your new partner at your side - don't forget to give yourself a break. Beware of ignoring the warning signs that arise when your body calls Stop! Your instincts are not deceiving you. Even strong Aries need to get off the hamster wheel and get back to themselves. Quiet sports like yoga or swimming, let the Aries get on the carpet and find themselves.

Tip: Your life swings on all levels - as long as you remain flexible and independent.

Horoscope Taurus March 2025 (21.4. – 21.5.):
horoscope zodiac sign TaurusYou are very understanding behind your fellow men and can help others with weaknesses and problems. However, you should not neglect yourself. After all your efforts, don't miss the opportunity to reward yourself. This will give you new energy to live again.

Detailed Taurus horoscope for march:

You will find your soulmate

Typical Taurus! Being in the center of the arena and defending his territory. All is fair in war and love - snorts the Taurus as he single-mindedly pursues his conquests. He's finally here! The ideal partner, with whom everything just feels right. Tauruses know this and start fighting for your love. What you have been missing so far: someone with whom you feel connected. For many Tauruses it is hard to accept that there are people who are more simple-minded than you. And that's exactly who the Sier needs now! Whether a new friend or the great love, the stormy mind does well to shift down a gear. After all, a calm partner does not stage flirt fireworks and quickly fizzles out, but is the rock in the surf, even in stormy times. Opposites attract!

The sign of the zodiac, which accepts every challenge, could quickly become from the hunter to the hunted. Whether there will be a radical change in the job, the stars decide at the end of march. If you used to have a pile of success ideas hidden in your desk drawer, you may soon have to pull the revolver if you continue like this! After all, existing success feeds the growth of a group of begrudgers. Ignoring doesn't help - and suppressing less so. But that's how they are, the Tauruses: like that and not otherwise! The Taurus always wants to get its head through the wall. If the Taurus doesn't want to be thrown out of the curve, it has to make a 180° turn. But hurry. This also prevents the mutiny on the Bounty.

He who fights so much - stops at nothing. Climbing a climbing wall or Mount Everest - the Tauruse's verve remains unchecked. A sports friend is fascinated, but the Taurus prefers to climb alone. Once you hit it, jump rope and practice the left, that reduces aggression and later you feel like new! Keep it up - but please don't go overboard again, dear Taurus.

Tip: No limits - Everything that's fun!

Horoscope Gemini March 2025 (21.5. – 21.6.):
horoscope zodiac sign GeminiOld flames are not always bad and can be rekindled. However, draw a line if this is necessary and you feel better with it. At work, dissatisfaction may arise because you are not at peace with your environment and you feel somewhat restricted in freedom.

Detailed monthly horoscope march for Gemini:

Full throttle into adventure

No matter where the Gemini goes in march: Everywhere an attractive partner meets the Gemini. A new acquaintance or an exciting online acquaintance - new contacts flutter into your house like a sudden summer rain at night. A new circle of friends is waiting for you, to whom you will soon be very attached. The new friends put an end to the singles blues and make you see your familiar surroundings with completely new eyes. A new contact could quickly become more. However, stress is pre-programmed - could the freedom-loving Gemini, however, quickly feel surrounded by the duties and acquaintances of the New Circle of Friends. It must be weighed up whether the Gemini remains a loner. For Gemini with partner everything remains as usual.

Because of their nonchalance, Gemini are very popular in the office. But the march teaches Gemini a lesson in neatness and seriousness. The Gemini gambles away important professional opportunities by being too casual. Where has Geminin's esteemed professionalism gone? Before the Gemini finds himself in the dock, he should not be too hard on himself. A coach in the matter of seriousness is in plentiful proximity. The Gemini just hasn't recognized him yet. Together, the power duo achieves one success after the next. He shows them how to be tough without putting others down - and that's how you make a lasting impression on the boss! Another step on the career ladder awaits you around march 9.

Take the celebrations as they come. After all, you work for a living! Geminis like lavish parties, but they only really feel good when they're sipping cocktails with their loved ones in the lounge bar. Throw an impromptu party on your balcony - you'll definitely be in the spotlight. You and your rich circle of friends will surely benefit from it! Laughing and having fun together, what more could the Gemini ask for?

Tip: Enter new territory - it's worth it!

Horoscope Cancer March 2025 (22.6. – 22.7.):
horoscope zodiac sign CancerYou are only interested in your partner and your loved ones. You can fade out everything else very well in march 2025. If you are outvoted, you should also admit defeat from time to time and take the ideas of others to heart. Listen more to yourself and your inner feeling.

Detailed horoscope march for cancers:

Six right in love

Outrageously sexy! The bad stars depart, the good ones stay. Uranus spruces up the image of the clever water sign. The pests Saturn and Pluto finally leave! The unmistakable charisma of Cancer has an attractive effect on the opposite sex. From a noncommittal - well, how are you - to a - finally I met you - Cancer is the center of attention. A wink of the eye, a quick smile - and the Cancer's heart flies to him. When the love compass points to new territory - go for it! Mid march is the best time for Cancere to fall in love again. So that the new flame does not become a flash in the pan - it means: play with open cards. Honesty pays off in the long run. Cancers with partners now score with their sex appeal - they are simply irresistible - take advantage of the bonanza provided by Uranus.

Put an end to being a lone wolf! It's time for Cancer to look for allies. A new rival is in sight at work. If the sparks fly again in the office because of this, it means: keep calm! Dogs that bark don't bite. Challenges are there for Cancere to face. So: with a lot of discipline and the right friends, Cancers can master any dicey situation. Why back down? Why let yourself be pushed into second place? In the job, too, Cancer deserves the best - and he gets it. If the Cancer manages to motivate his team, then he will certainly come up with a suitable solution strategy. Sometimes you have to let down your feathers - but then you can pass that on to the others. Having mastered this hurdle, Cancer sets off again on the road to success. Applause and applause are guaranteed!

Cancer discovers a whole new side of himself in march - the nature lover and favorite of good taste finally gets the long-awaited vacation approved. You have earned it! Put your feet up, run a warm bath and open the bottle of wine, the Cancer knows how to relax. The nice weather makes you want to take a nice walk in the fresh air. Open your window and let the sunshine into your life!

Tip: Don't make yourself smaller than you are.

Horoscope Leo March 2025 (23.7. – 22.8.):
horoscope zodiac sign LeoYou will meet a person you have been waiting for a very long time. However, your March 2025 horoscope advises you to control your finances better and simply avoid unnecessary expenses. This way you won't be too wasteful and will be able to enjoy life itself better.

Detailed horoscope March for Leo:

Watch out, danger of explosion!

Roooaaarr! Simply to freak out he is, your partner. He prefers reading a dull book to you in bed. He prefers to go out with his friends than with you! There the pampering child of the stars feels rightly humiliated. Let your partner know how much he has in you. This can also mean: Let go. Keep your distance and let your partner know what he has in you. If he accuses you of airs and graces, you know: whoever points a finger at others, four will point back at him. But out of love for your partner, the Leo will also forgive his partner this character flaw. His nobility just outshines everything. When these crises are overcome in the first half of March, the Leo can look forward to a harmonious partnership again. Bury the hatchet! A quarrel revives the partnership again.

In the job, the lion skillfully defends his position. The king among the animals is more informed than others. This also pays off in the long run. A well-filled bank account lets the Leo relax a little more. However, the zodiac sign should not rest on the laurels of his work. In addition, the image of the couch potato does not suit the lion at all. After all, he loves the grand entrance like in the opera. On the job, in the office or in front of customers, the lion sets the tone. However, the lion should not let himself be domesticated by his superiors to a cuddly cat. Inwardly he is already seething. One thing is guaranteed: The finale will be hectic! To keep a cool head, it means to do a decent groundwork, then the lion shines - as always. Praise from the boss is guaranteed in any case. So much for the pampering of the stars - the Leo doesn't have to lift a finger, but shines with his clever suggestions.

Now is the time for a health check. Fit is the lion! Healthy and looking good, but isn't there something missing in his life? Off to new shores. Passionate badminton players rehearse the forest run, beautiful dancers take it easy playing billiards. Variety is good for you!

Tip: The best way to master tricky situations is with humor.

Horoscope Virgo March 2025 (23.8. – 22.9.):
horoscope zodiac sign VirgoHoroscope Zodiac Sign VirgoYou'll get the chance to finally make some things clear again and better represent your point of view. After a crisis, harmony will be restored. You should use your situation of important freedom of decision and do everything possible within your budget.

Detailed monthly horoscope of Virgos in March:

Dream dancer in the intoxication of the feelings

A life without variety is for a Virgo like Madonna in a baggy outfit. Does my partner like me at all? How do I show him that I'm into him? When spring comes for Virgos, doubts finally come to an end. Only who dares also drinks champagne and so the dreamy star sign must finally face reality. The adored crush tempts to dangerous daydreaming, which makes a Virgo forget the essential - namely the question: how do I make the dream come true! Too long hesitation only leads to a pretty Virgo falling asleep unkissed. From the middle of March everything becomes very simple, because Venus knows the sneaky ways that love likes to take. Then there is an end to the emotional chaos. The Virgo finally meets her ideal candidate, with whom she will hold hands under the Christmas tree in December.

When will Virgo finally wake up from her fairy-tale castle? A desk full of unfinished tasks, being late and a botched presentation - Virgo will take control of your life from mid-March. When the boss says, "I'm not saying it's going to be easy! I say that it will be worth it! she seizes the opportunity and faces your fears. Your loyal friends and colleagues will lend you a hand. Access to this network pays off, opening up new career prospects for Virgo. She rolls up her sleeves and decides: No more egg dancing in the office! Say no sometimes! Nobody can stand the eternal back and forth in the office anymore. From mid-March, things improve, and the proud Virgo makes a triumphant return to the office. Keep it up!

Virgo's faithful companion is Saturn. It's time for them to activate their six senses again. Tasting, feeling and hearing - ideal to satisfy these needs is the long-awaited wellness vacation, treat yourself in! An oasis of relaxation next to the gray everyday life - they get the back massietr and revive later palate pleasures with a five-star menu. Whether classic or oriental - the virgin has the best taste!

Tip: Keep in touch with your friends! Even if you are totally in love.

Horoscope Libra March 2025 (22.9. – 23.10.):
horoscope zodiac sign LibraYou show a lot of tact towards other people and can respond to moods and problems. Therefore, you are also very appreciated as a friend. However, try to devote your full strength to your tasks, so that no one will tempt you to make mistakes that you might regret later.

Detailed horoscope for Libra in March:

Hands off new acquaintances!

Libra wish nothing more than to finally find a patron who will get you out of their mess. Not infrequently, the good-for-nothing is then idealized to the prince on the white horse. The rose-colored glasses could have a dangerous effect in the long run - because taking the love game lightly can be an expensive undertaking. More feeling than caculum is probably the wrong motto. It is called to wait and to tactic exactly. In a pinch: make a list of pros and cons - and weigh them up calmly. Is the new conquest really worth moving? Do they really want to move in together already? The Libra's doubts are justified. Instead of falling into worries and musings - the Libra prefers to rely on your clever little head.

Light attracts moths. If you are the best everywhere, you will quickly make the wrong friends. That's why it's important now to meticulously check whether a friendship was only a brief acquaintance after all. Therefore: Clean out! Professionally, the Libra is dependent on a reliable partner who can tell you when a Libra is going overboard. Real friends stay with you. In case of professional failure, you stand next to one and say: Okay, we messed up. But now we're moving on! To push through one's goals with determination is okay, but to go over dead bodies for it is not - Libra knows that too and thus finds the balance between friendship and collegial behavior.

In the past, life could be quite complicated: besides exhausting meetings between door and corner, the Libra could hardly find time to breathe. The hectic times are over now! Because success provides scales with the breathers they have earned for so long. Do not compromise when it comes to vacation replacement. Assert yourself, after all, you work the hardest.

Tip: You know what's good for you! Demand it.

Horoscope Scorpio March 2025 (23.10.- 22.11.):
horoscope zodiac sign ScorpioYou should spend some time alone with yourself from time to time and listen to your inner voice. Only in this way you can get clarity and plan the next steps for you.After that, a happy time follows and you can successfully perform all the tasks set for you with courage and zest for action.

Detailed monthly horoscope March for Scorpios:

One surprise follows the next

Self is the Scorpio! You grab every opportunity by the hair. He must be intelligent, good at cooking and at the top of the career ladder. Scorpios know exactly how your dream date should be. A line through the bill makes then however Uranus, which provides for change. Suddenly the Scorpio sees someone who is very close to him in a completely different light! The glasses wearer from next door turns out to be a charming cook, the fanatical biotante as an empathetic advisor. One only sees well with the heart, and so March teaches Scorpio an important lesson: At second glance, the world suddenly appears completely different. Whether it's an acquaintance, a flirtation or a rendezvous - whether the contact turns into something more is up to the Scorpio. In terms of love: it remains exciting.

As is well known, the gods have put sweat before success. Because the hot phase in the job now really begins! Overtime, annoying colleagues and a boss who prefers to keep to himself - hang in there! With their doubts, your successes also go down the drain. It's okay to worry. An anxious bunny is also appreciated because it provides for the future. You are completely unjustly plagued by worries and fears about the future. You can do more than you suspect. Stop with the thought-cinema, start to be your best friend than their toughest critic. Do not set unnecessary hurdles for yourself. With much perseverance also this thirsty period will go over. From the middle of March the tide should turn.

Shopping? Cinema? Bowling? The early favorite metier of Scorpio now makes him yawn. What is the reason for that? The mind is out of tune and the head smokes. These smoke signs should take the Scorpio importantly! There helps only one: a change of scenery. Discover new leisure activities with playfulness and zest for action. At the end of March, Venus has a very special surprise in store for them.

Tip: Be careful when signing contracts. Neptune is critical.

Horoscope Sagittarius March 2025 (22.11.- 21.12.):
horoscope zodiac sign SagittariusYou don't always agree with the people around you. Nevertheless, you should not necessarily look for excuses, but rather deal with the existing problems. You are entrusted with personal things that you should not use against the person. Allow yourself some distraction.

Detailed monthly horoscope for Sagittarius in March:

Completely detached

Lucky messenger Juptiter visits Sagittarius only once every twelve months. Now the time has come: March is the ideal month to make longer-term contacts. Pisces leave Sagittarius cold, a Virgo only brings further quarrels. Sagittarius gets along well with Libra, but there is no spark. Sagittarius finds the Great Love in Taurus - harmonize through the two independents like a symphony by Beethoven. The wish concert of the love will be crowned also so soon by success - if the correct partner is selected. Leo and Sagittarius are an unbeatable team, and the sky hangs full of violins with the Pisces. Allow your spring feelings and listen to your instincts! He's not wrong.

Off to new shores! Smart Sagittarians focus on your strengths and leave the weaknesses to the left. Instead of unnecessarily getting worked up where everyone is fighting - the smart zodiac sign has seen through the game! He looks for his working area where it is quieter. Goodbye to wild competition! If you are strategically right, you can achieve a lot with little effort. If you are strategically wrong, you can pedal as hard as you want - and still achieve nothing. Less competition also means more chances of success. Because Sagittarians have a professional gift: they know today what will be in demand tomorrow. With this talent, you can conquer new professional areas in no time without getting bogged down. People like to rely on the advice of Sagittarians, because they are always right.

Hectic, stressful and always on call - how does Sagittarius do it? Team sports boost Sagittarius' self-confidence. Basketball, volleyball, the main thing is to discover new limits together. Engaging in sports once a week is important for fitness, which the shooter can use well for the last week in March. Believe in yourself! You can do more than you think.

Tip: Don't lift a finger on the weekend! Breaks are important.

Horoscope Capricorn March 2025 (21.12.- 20.1.):
horoscope zodiac sign CapricornDon't always point out others' mistakes and don't make fun of others. This could backfire on you sooner than you think. Take valuable advice and try to handle the things you are asked to do as well as possible yourself. Relaxation will bring you a clear head again in March 2025.

Detailed Capricorn Horoscope for March:

In love with an ex?

March has a lot of surprise moments up its sleeve - for Capricorn this means: your hormones are dancing the samba. When an old childhood sweetheart knocks at the door, the emotional chaos is perfect. Does the Capricorn have to admit to himself that the childhood sweetheart was an aberration of taste? Or that he is still secretly in love? The first meeting will be exciting - whether it will turn into something more - the Capricorn will certainly make the right decision. In general, the Capricorn is affectionate to those who mean a lot to him. From mid-March, someone the popular zodiac sign least expected will understand. This is good for the ego and a new admirer will soon give you promising looks.

Now the Capricorn even manages to square the circle! Everything you tackle is crowned with success. With his well thought-out ideas the Capricorn convinces the customers, the boss is well disposed towards him. The special creativity paired with the intoxicating thirst for action lets the best ideas arise. How do you always do that? Envious colleagues ask Capricorn. Silent as a golf fish remains the favorite star sign then. True natural talent just always shines. Rather take the envious looks of your colleagues as a compliment. A clear indication that they have done everything right. Not everyone can be like you! Lean back in your executive chair and enjoy your well-deserved success.

New ideas will make the Capricorn's day livelier. As a thought artist, Capricorn loves elevated conversations. Why not let your daydreams come true and fulfill your long-awaited wishes. An exciting date seems to evolve into more when Capricorn recognizes the opportunity. Your chance to have a wonderful experience!

Tip: Obstacles are there to be overcome.

Horoscope Aquarius March 2025 (20.1. – 19.2.):
horoscope zodiac sign AquariusYou will receive a message that you have been waiting for a long time. You will get the opportunity to rest a bit. You should take advantage of it and recharge your batteries. Beware of a cold, because it could keep you out of action longer than you think. Your blood circulation is weak.

Detailed Aquarius horoscope for March:

Let yourself go

In the second half of March, the stars give you the green light in love! Aquarius does everything right. Nothing stands in the way of jumping into happiness - for the first time Aquarius learns what it means to have found true love. His only shortcoming: you tend to exaggerate, so that your partner sometimes feels overrun by your ego. A valuable lesson for the Aquarius, however, he rightly feels like someone very special. He is very lucky: a brilliant partner is waiting for the Aquarius in March, he just has to learn to let himself drift and the desired partner will arrive all by himself. The magic of the newly in love is in the air! This month the Aquarius has the necessary luck that flies to him proverbially.

A strong shoulder comes rushing to the aid of Aquarius. Being a victim does not suit Aquarius at all. Aquarius shows true strength when he accepts his weaknesses, before he leaves the field like a diva in a snippy way. The generous Jupiter pours out the cornucopia over Aquarius - and brings an unexpected windfall. Well armed with a full bank account, the brave Aquarius does not show how much he suffers. He will also come to the professional success, which he has wished for. Because despite the money blessing, there are still some professional hurdles waiting for the industrious star sign. Together with a reliable partner, the chances are good that Aquarius will master everything.

The Aquarius is well advised not to waste time being sad after a negative experience. Life is too short to let trifles spoil your day. Check it off. Look ahead, because soon the crisis period will be over. Even the German soccer team lost once, and then won the world championship. Believe in yourself and let yourself be strengthened.

Tip: Do not compare yourself with others. You are something special

Horoscope Pisces March 2025 (19.2. – 20.3.):
horoscope zodiac sign PiscesYou should leave professional problems behind and possibly gain some distance. Don't be afraid to fail, because you are on the right path. Before your vacation, however, try to finish the important tasks. Beware of the upcoming spring fatigue.

Detailed monthly horoscope March for Pisces:

Spring fever deluxe

New love? Butterflies in your stomach? Secret crush? The duo Venus and Mercury provides for many contacts in March. Whether you are in a café, going for a walk or shopping - you will only attract attention. The young Venus boosts your positive charisma and the sociable Mercury provides the right acquaintances. The typical charm of Pisces is your most dangerous weapon. A quick wink and your ideal partner is sitting next to you. But be careful! Please do not take the flight of emotions for granted - the lesson will come later. Enjoy the power constellation - as long as you can.

Ingenious solutions are your capital. You convince with power, ambition and determination. Because even from a short scurry on the keyboard Pisces make a bestselling novel. Thus, Pisces can fully live out your creative streak. Pisces no longer need to ask about salary. All the stress of 2010 is just history - Pisces masters being tough or compliant at the right moment between exhausting office meetings and presentations. Depending on the moment! The only sticking point: The successful star sign has to be careful not to be tricked by dazzlers. It's best to call in a professional when it comes to complicated contracts!

The hammock is poison for many fish. After all, you're not one of those springtime grouches who prefers to spend your time in front of the computer instead of enjoying the outdoors. That's why: Tear open windows and enjoy the first rays of the sun as they tickle your face when you wake up. If you have a pet, you will be happy to go for a walk in the dream weather of March. The first ice, the first germinating leaves strike a well-meaning mind. Do not worry about your health. Pisces will start the spring in top shape!

Tip: Send partners, who are not up to you, into the desert! You will only be happy with a partner at eye level.

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