Monthly Horoscope for January 2024

monthly horoscope January 2024
A new year always means a new phase and new strength at the same time. You should be able to use this power for yourself and not concentrate too much on the resolutions, but simply enjoy the beginning of 2024.

Who wants to keep the resolutions, will be able to do this with a little self-discipline, shows the horoscope in January 2024?


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Horoscope Aries January (21.3. – 20.4.):

horoscope zodiac sign Aries Aries Take criticism from others and rethink parts of your lifestyle. With a new year, you could finally leave some old baggage behind. However, take the criticism constructively and don't see it as an insult. Make your own decisions in your partnership, too, because this can stimulate your imagination. However, showing more love to your partner is never wrong.

Lucky child at work

Love life in January 2024

there are two sentimental possibilities for Aries:

Contrary to your habit, you don't show the romantic discontent that haunts it this month. This will only increase your sadness. Only communication with a boyfriend or girlfriend can help you settle this emotional conflict in January. But are you ready for it?

The second option reveals secrets, taboos and emotional mystique. Do you have a secret admirer? January 2024

January offers you good chances to try something new, make erotic discoveries and satisfy sexual secrets.

The lucky Aries gives his all in his job and will be richly rewarded for it. Whatever an Aries touches, it succeeds at the first attempt and is crowned with success. Important customers are landed, bonuses bagged and presentations succeed extremely well, which of course ensures a lot of praise from the boss. Aries should nevertheless pay attention to what criticism is between the lines, otherwise the luck can turn into the opposite. In addition, you should not forget to share the success. The presentation was a joint effort, but only you are praised? Be sure to clarify! Otherwise unrest and intrigue will be created in the company. The advice of the stars: Keep your feet on the ground!

Things are going well at work, work is so easy that health is easily forgotten. Even if you don't seem to mind the overtime, your body still feels it. Aries like to overhear the warning signs of the body, by the good course at work, this is reinforced. Try to listen more to your gut feeling and give yourself a little rest with yoga and meditation. Make sure you eat a balanced and healthy diet, and take enough breaks. After work, a walk in the fresh air is not only soothing for the soul, but also ensures a healthy body.

Tip: Life will love you - as long as you listen to your body.

Horoscope Taurus January (21.4. – 21.5.):

horoscope zodiac sign TaurusAccept the boundaries of others and try not to cross them all the time. You should only share your secrets with people you really care about in January 2024

The cookies of Christmas have left their mark. Start exercising so that the new year can also start with high health for you and involve your dear partner - exercise is good for him too.

Difficult, but successful

Taurus go through a phase of intense and subjective emotions in love in January 2024.

You react very strongly in January 2024 to feelings of attraction and repulsion presented to you, quite instinctively. This refers to all interpersonal areas both romantic and friendly or professional relationships. Your rash and sometimes radical overreactions can damage or even risk relationships. Watch out! Try to balance the inner pressure before you get carried away. You can save intimate relationships as well as your further professional and private social life!

At the beginning of the month everything seems to go wrong. Customers bounce, the boss reprimands and criticizes you, probably more than once. Do not despair at this difficult phase. Accept criticisms and try to improve them, already in the middle of the month the difficult phase will improve and will be over by the end of January at the latest. Although you will have difficulties at work at the beginning of the month, by the end of the month the tide will turn and you will be rewarded with success. Those born under the zodiac sign Taurus are known for their strength and will emerge from the difficult phase with newfound energy. The advice of the stars: accept criticism and thus ensure a beneficial corporate climate.

Especially at the beginning of the month, people with the zodiac sign Taurus will have to pay more attention to their health. The job-related stress will also affect your physical health. To counteract this you should consciously relax again and again. Yoga, meditation or a relaxing full bath with essential oils can work wonders. Drinking plenty of fluids and eating a healthy, balanced diet will ensure you have enough physical energy. When the most difficult phase is over by the middle of the month, physical well-being also increases. Nevertheless, you should not let yourself go. Taurus likes to feast, make sure it does not get out of hand.

Tip: Take care of your body even in the difficult phase - then you will get through everything.

Horoscope Gemini January (21.5. – 21.6.):

horoscope zodiac sign GeminiThere is harmony and love at work and in relationships, which only came about through a good conversation with your partner. Take the time to talk with the people around you and possibly plan the new year. With some discipline of your own, you can keep your good resolutions and surprise your partner or colleague. But don't forget to include your personal beauty and relaxation program - only stress is not good for you.

Job change as a chance

Gemini in partnership 2024:

In your current relationship - if you currently have one - there is nothing new. You are going through an interesting period of life full of adventures and love stories. January 2024

is an exciting month for Gemini - Come on! It's your month - what are you waiting for? Don't expect a peaceful sweet romance though - it's going to get wild! Spicy and sexual! One more thing: don't throw money around to impress! You yourself are valuable and your partner should also perceive and accept that! If he/she can't, this person is not worth getting involved with!

Those Geminis who haven't found their dream job yet will experience the big upheaval in January. Dissatisfaction is the order of the day, as a result, required work is not done correctly, this leads to more criticism from the boss, which in turn leads to more dissatisfaction. January is the ideal time for Gemini to look for a new job. Job interviews go particularly well, so the motivation to work increases again. Those Gemini who are already working in their dream job will experience a month with a lot of success, joy and motivation. Therefore the advice of the stars: If you are happy, stay with it, if you are dissatisfied, provide for something new.

The sports enthusiast Gemini should step back a bit and take it easier. It doesn't have to be a marathon every day, even a walk will keep you in good health. In addition, walking is easy on the joints, which will be somewhat suffering in January. Yoga and swimming provide a calm balance, keep fit and also spare the joints. Should the work frustration at the beginning of the month take over, a walk in the forest is recommended. Alone in the forest you can get rid of all the frustration by shouting it out loud. With the change of job the frustration will decrease and therefore the physical well-being will increase again.

Tip: You are your own happiness forge - DO IT!

Horoscope Cancer January (22.6. – 22.7.):

horoscope zodiac sign CancerThings and situations that have caused you discomfort so far, you will finally be able to solve. However, you must learn to be more open in your conversations, your horoscope shows. In January 2024, you'll get some favorable opportunities that you'd better not let go unnoticed.

Waiting for the tide

Cancer in relationship in January 2024:

An eventful month is ahead of you. There will be many stimuli that you will want to - and should - give in to! Use these outside influences as a kind of catalyst to bring out the best in yourself. January is likely to bring about a change on one level or another. Perhaps a new romance? Sexuality will be the engine of this love story. You can't fight it with logic this time. Follow your instincts for once.

The signs point to low tide. Things are going rather slowly at work, colleagues often keep their distance. The superior hardly appreciates the hard work of the Cancer. People talk more behind your back than with you. The long planned project stands on very shaky ground and your own efforts only entangle you deeper in new problems. Many customers are dissatisfied, despite your best efforts through cancer. Whatever you tackle, it seems doomed to fail. Now it is called: Trust in your own armor and avoid conflicts, at the moment you can only lose. New risks and ventures should wait until the next wave catches you and lets you swim on top again.

Things could be better for your health. The cold, gray winter days weigh heavily on your mood and your relationship is strained. Old ailments make themselves only too clearly felt and old quarrels threaten to boil up again. Good friends just can't find time for Cancer anymore and leave him stuck in the mud. The stars advise: Take a step back and treat yourself and your partner. A little variety is good for you and your partnership. A joint excursion or a little wellness will bring Cancer to other thoughts and contribute to recovery. Take the well-deserved rest, because soon it can go round again.

Tip: There will be better days again, so don't hang your head.

Horoscope Leo January (23.7. – 22.8.):

horoscope zodiac sign LeoIn astrology January 2024 it means for you to grit your teeth. The start of the new year is not always optimal, but you can look optimistically into the future, because it will soon be better. However, curb your anger, because it can destroy your hard-earned things very quickly and you lose something. In the job a little more covered and also in the finances more cautiously act can not hurt.

Well-being and vitality

The Leo-strong love month of January doesn't promise much. It could be that a month of strong feelings is ahead for some Leo people, but these feelings have a tense and dramatic side. The first two weeks of 2024

January will be riddled with provocations and splits, which can cause problems for couples who have not been able to build a solid and strong relationship based on trust. The second half of January will bring more contradictions or just the inability to talk to your partner on the same wavelength to the surface. It's up to you to either work against this or draw a line under it.

Professionally, you should be careful in January, especially when signing contracts. Do not act too hastily and read contracts and other agreements carefully - especially the small print. It is quite possible that there is a trap hidden there that could cause you a lot of trouble professionally. So don't act too hastily. Continue to strengthen your relationship with your boss. Due to the stress at work, this relationship has been somewhat neglected. Make sure that he does not forget their good performance and you are not forgotten. Then the next salary increase will not be long in coming.

Pay a little more attention to yourself and pay a lot of attention to your leisure time. Allow yourself primarily a little more rest, the month of January will demand a lot from you physically. Make, nevertheless, equally also more from your Friday, meet you more friends, go after an old hobby and drive you a little more sport, as you have planned it for a long time. This is on the one hand good for your health and on the other hand brings more fun into your life. So pay more attention to yourself again and listen to the signals of your body when it calls for a break. Work is not everything in life and all other areas should not be further neglected in January.

Tip: Think more about your partner - give him a little more time.

Horoscope Virgo January (23.8. – 22.9.):

horoscope zodiac sign VirgoReliability and commitment are your focus in January 2024. In the relationship you can leave old things behind and finally start anew. If you do your best, you will be rewarded for it at the beginning of the year (finances, love or job - you decide what you focus on). In terms of health, after the Christmas holidays with cookies and roast goose, better give yourself a break and avoid fatty foods.

Motivation leads to success

In terms of love innocent virgin? January 2024 will be a terrific start to the year earth for Virgos in matters of love. A month full of romance and eroticism! Venus in the house of Virgo will awaken the romantic side in you, which will also be noticed by those around you. The opposite sex will suddenly become attentive to the otherwise so shy Virgo. You have the cards in your hand. Just play the ones that promise you the most fun!

Let's go! Virgos are almost unstoppable with motivation and ambition in January. You volunteer for a lot of work, lots of overtime is not a problem, this provides positive feed back and success, because even the boss will be impressed by your zeal. Try not to be overzealous despite all the motivation. If you seize every opportunity, it will cause resentment among your colleagues and disagreements are not easy for people born in Virgo. Try to perceive the vibrations of colleagues to prevent negative.advice from the stars: Be motivated, but do not always throw yourself into the front row, but also let others once the lead.

The Virgo, otherwise so attentive to your health, will have a hard time in this respect in January. Besides the many overtime hours, sports will come too short, relaxation and time out will become a foreign word. Try to compensate the lack of exercise with healthy food. Pay attention to what you eat. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will give your body plenty of energy. If you don't have time for longer sports sessions, do some yoga exercises before going to bed. This way you can keep your body fit despite working long hours and at the same time provide much needed relaxation.

Tip: Let yourself be driven by your motivation, but don't forget about your health.

Horoscope Libra January (22.9. – 23.10.):

horoscope zodiac sign LibraYou should carefully let out the pent-up anger of the last time and let off steam. Make sure, however, that you do not hurt your fellow human beings. At the same time, you get the chance to improve your salary and put yourself in a better position professionally. However, there is hard work ahead. But don't tempt fate: the yearly horoscope can't be changed with card reading if you don't like the prospect of hard work.

New energy

Balanced feelings for Libra? Your love life has seen better times. Even if the beginning of January doesn't bring what you would wish for in terms of romance and love, don't throw in the towel. January offers you one or the other (hidden) chance for more. Misunderstandings and disharmonies announce themselves in the first half of January. Don't let them get you down, try to stay calm and objective! This way you will be able to avert one or the other trouble and perhaps catch the dream man/woman who would have otherwise rushed past you in a rage, put him in a mild mood and let romance start.

This month you can shine in your job like you haven't in a long time. Your energy reserves are replenished and you can't wait to hit the ground running. But you have to be a little careful that the otherwise so balanced Libra doesn't overshoot its target and overwork itself. That could have a negative effect on your health. The work atmosphere is relaxed and the work goes easily from the hand of the Libra. The small conflicts of the past weeks are forgotten. Colleagues and superiors are definitely well-disposed towards you. Now might be the right time to ask for that long-awaited raise.

You should now pay more attention to your health. Above all, you should dress warmly enough, otherwise a cold is pre-programmed. The joints also cause a few problems. The best way to relax after a long day at work is to take a hot aromatic bath. Tension is released and colds are prevented. When it comes to sports, the scale should take it easy. The risk of injury would be too great. Due to the strong lunar influence the risk of accidents is also increased in everyday life, the Libra is a bit hectic and careless on the road. Take enough time and relax in between with breathing exercises, this can be very helpful.

Tip: with new energy you can achieve anything - only keep calm the

Horoscope Scorpio January (23.10.- 22.11.):

horoscope zodiac sign ScorpioShare your worries with others, then they are only half as heavy. Your fellow human beings are behind you and support you in the beginning of the year and in a new start. You have to work for it yourself, so that the necessary changes in your life can finally happen. Start a personal beauty and relaxation program: maybe you test new hairstyles or read some good books. Take a trip to the nearby ski resorts or get creative and discover the free leisure activities around you. Even I as an astrologer can only make suggestions - you have to act.

New beginnings for Scorpios

Scorpios have a complicated January ahead of them. You should rethink your priorities and maybe put love on the back burner. However, if you are in the middle of a love story or your love life is heading for a fork in the road, important or even dramatic events could take place in January. With this Mars-Pluto constellation in Capricorn this month, passionate events will intensify while barely there emotions will even be muted and overshadowed by other things. The love motto of the month is: No compromise! And if you are not careful this could lead to problems in your partnership.

Scorpios expect an exciting and successful year 2024. The turn of the year is under a particularly good star for the zodiac sign and is ideal for a new beginning. The Scorpio is bursting with self-confidence and strength. Of course, his superiors, colleagues and negotiating partners also notice that he feels good. With zeal and enthusiasm, the Scorpio sets to work and is rewarded for his efforts. True to his life motto "All or nothing", the Scorpio also shows his strong will at work and solves problems with strength and dynamism. The stars advise: No pain, no gain! Success will not fly to you, but your efforts will pay off. Pursue your goals consistently and with concentration!

Scorpio starts January 2024 in a good mood and with replenished energy reserves. Physically as well as mentally he is fit and feels good. This is not only due to the stars, which promise balance and well-being. An extensive sports program, for which the Scorpio can be warmed up, does the rest. Here he is also with full passion and sometimes overlooks his load limits. But a sore muscle can't slow down the strong-willed Scorpio, although relaxation and regeneration would do him good. Therefore, especially in the last week of January, rest is the order of the day in order to regain your strength. Rest and meditation should be as important to the Scorpio as regular exercise. So he does something good for himself and his health.

Tip: With diligence and determination you can achieve a lot - do not forget the breaks!

Horoscope Sagittarius January (22.11.- 21.12.):

horoscope zodiac sign SagittariusDon't just rest on your laurels, warns the astrologer and horoscope. January 2024 brings many hurdles that you must overcome in order to maintain your status. Always trust your instincts and don't let your feelings guide you too much. However, do not risk having to start all over again the work you have done. Decisions must be made this year!

Venus brings attention

Sagittarius hits the "bulls eye" of love in January, as your love life unfolds magnificently. Joint ventures, walks, fun, meeting friends, ..... Between you and your partner there is blind trust and an enviable familiarity. You can both look to the future with joy and optimism. The situation is a little different if your relationship is just over or you are in the middle of a secret/forbidden affair. In this case, you are just reaching a vulnerable stage with fears, disappointments and tears. The relationship starts to stagnate and you or your partner think about breaking up.

In professional life, Sagittarians may start the year quite comfortably. If you have allowed yourself some time off during the first days, you will really enjoy your work again. But be careful, with this drive you could trip yourself up. Give things time to develop. If you want to implement new ideas or projects, plan to do so toward the end of the month. In the last week of January, Mercury shows its best side again. He can help to success in the job and you will succeed in many things you want to achieve. A good relationship with superiors even opens the possibility of professional development.

Right at the beginning of the year, the positive energies of the stars can bring body and mind of Sagittarius into harmony. This is thanks to the power of the planet Mars. It gives courage and a strong will to assert oneself. A perfect time to implement the New Year's resolutions you recently made. You may want to get rid of a bad habit or start a sports program. The influence of the stars will support you in this. Towards the end of the month, Sagittarius will additionally feel the energy of the Sun. This stimulates the vital forces and makes you want to become active. Remain nevertheless attentive that you do not take on too much.

Tip: Enjoy the small gifts that life has in store for you.

Horoscope Capricorn January (21.12.- 20.1.):

horoscope zodiac sign CapricornIn January you feel tired and unhappy. However, do not transfer your mood to other people. Don't waste time, but try to rearrange your life quickly. Maybe your dream man (woman) is already at the next bus stop? The new year offers you the necessary strength and shows you so far unseen ways that you can go. Be a little spontaneous, go different ways than the beaten tracks (this is to be taken literally - maybe an alternative way to work?). Variety can unearth new creative power.

Successful start of the year

In January 2024, your thoughts and desires focus on someone far away or you take a trip with your partner. It will be particularly interesting if your partner and you work together on a joint project, especially if it has to do with joint research or learning, culture or spirituality. Apart from these prospects, however, you will not experience much passion in January. There is too much hesitation, different views and reserve between you at the moment. Try to turn these barriers into something interesting together.

The ambitious Capricorn loves the beginning of the year like no other sign of the zodiac: Finally, the time for partying is over and the sleeves can be rolled up again! January is ideal for making an annual plan and setting the intended milestones for 2024. Ruler planet Saturn supports this and gives the already tenacious Capricorn an extra dose of stamina. For the time being, play mentally with the ideas and projects, record your vision in writing and formulate it as precisely as possible. This will facilitate the implementation, which can only really start at the end of February/beginning of March. Until then you have to be patient, but this is also easy for the Capricorn.

Also in the matter of health everything runs with the Capricorn after plan, and this in the wahrsten sense of the word, because now is the best time, in order to submit to a firm training rhythm and to pull this through in the new year consistently. Again, the gods have put sweat before reward, and the success of your tenacious training will not become apparent until March at the earliest. Make sure that you strive for true "well-being". A defined body should go hand in hand with a relaxed feeling of well-being and, above all, you should like it! Try yoga, tai chi or chi gong. Also winter hikes in the mountains are ideally suited to let not only the body feeling, but also the soul life of the Capricorn rise to unimagined heights.

Tip: Get started, but don't try to force anything!

Horoscope Aquarius January (20.1. – 19.2.):

horoscope zodiac sign AquariusPride comes before the fall - not only in the funny Youtube video. Relate this proverb to most actions in January. Not only can your pride hurt you, but the pride of others can hurt you. Be on the lookout for new offers and opportunities that may prove profitable for you. Life is also about seizing opportunities.

Time to wake up

Aquarians in the Ocean of Love. In January 2024, Aquarians can once again really benefit from Venus's qualities. In this Venus house constellation, the planet of the goddess of love helps you to gather strength and focus for all goals in the area of relationships. It's a good time to start a new relationship or to jumpstart an existing one. Joint activities will be more fun than before. Your talents to win over the opposite sex are unbeatable this month - use them!

A professional time of challenges awaits Aquarius in January. However, such tasks are not characterized by frustration and failure. Only situations will come your way, which you should face fully. Thus, during this time may turn out to be more laborious, whereupon your amibitons will ground - as a result, however, time for other things will develop! This winter month should be used for you to recover from work at the end of the 4th quarter. Beyond that in January the self reflection with following experience gain stands in the foreground. For the cleaning of your four walls you can certainly find enough time in the first month of the year.

The health of Aquarius, on the other hand, is much more open. Although you will be confronted by unexpected situations from time to time, you should never let yourself get out of the calm - with calm comes vital energy. Your sudden motivation to clean up will pay off especially favorably for your health. With the freshly polished appearance of your four walls, your acquaintances and friends will immediately feel much more at ease with you - and effective praise will not go amiss! January thus holds a lot of warming words, which first need to be dug up, but as a result will be healing balm for your soul and your health.

Tip: Take advantage of upcoming challenges - it will pay off in all kinds of areas.

Horoscope Pisces January (19.2. – 20.3.):

horoscope zodiac sign PiscesYou can immediately win over and convince new acquaintances in love and profession. In the weeks of January 2024, try to rethink the path you have taken so far, but also look back with pride on what you have done. Accept the advice of other people (also of children - "children's mouths speak the truth"), and use the invitations that are given to you. However, watch out for the red light - only go when it's green!

The power of memory

January can be a hectic month for you dear Pisces person. In the first half of the month Mars is in your house of relationships and is in square with Uranus and Jupiter, which can cause strong tensions. In the second half of the month, these will not lessen, but may even lead to misunderstandings. You will have to show a lot of sensitivity and diplomatic skills this month, in order not to strain a relationship unnecessarily! But cheer up! By the end of the month, tempers will calm down again.

The beginning of the year is basically under neutral to good stars for the sensitive Pisces. Let the festive season still linger a little and make yourself comfortable on the sofa with good reading, relaxing music or movies that tempt you to dream. The prerequisite for this is, of course, a few more days of vacation - if you have to get back to work right away, don't be too impatient with yourself. You need some time to get out of the reflective time of the turn of the year and back into a busy work mode, but you can give yourself this time. Enjoy the memories of the good times with family and friends and don't forget: the next Christmas is coming for sure!

Health actually leaves nothing to be desired, even if the festive season takes its toll and one or two pounds too much now show up on the scales. But if you don't give in to every temptation and put the brakes on your eating, you should be back to your usual shape by the end of the month. Swimming, sauna sessions or long walks will support you in this. Even the dance class that has been on your wish list for so long could now finally be put into practice. Enjoy - best together with your partner - learning Salsa, Tango or Hip Hop and do something for your fitness almost by the way.

Tip: Let the vacation season come to an enjoyable end!

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