Astrocartography, for emigration and travel, also "to yourself“

Have you ever heard of astrocartography? Have you ever had the idea of having your astrological connection to the city or country in question interpreted before a more important journey? Did you know that astrology, with astro-cartography, creates its own special horoscope, which helps you to realize your abilities, potentials and inner development in other places?

Probably not, because this small but fine specialty for travel, emigration and similar purposes is relatively unknown. That is a pity, because with it many people miss a chance and therefore I would like to introduce this very special kind of astrology here. On you will get a more detailed explanation about the purpose of astrocartography, its importance for travelling and especially for emigration.

Astrology shows connections to other places

Astrocartography belongs to the so-called local astrology and is, apart from the mentioned emigration, actually suitable for all kinds of journeys and changes of location.
Contrary to the millennia-old usual this kind of place astrology saw the light of day only a few decades ago. Nevertheless, it has already proven itself in this relatively short time and has become a rather unknown insider tip.

Astrocartography recognizes the very personal and individual relationship that everyone has to areas, places, countries all over the world. Almost like a partner relationship. Everyone knows this, because everyone has likes and dislikes for certain countries or foreigners or places in Germany, without any concrete reasons, i.e. experiences. Everybody has been to another country, e.g. on holiday, and immediately liked or disliked it or perhaps experienced remarkable things there.

Travel and emigration

Places astrology is interesting for all kinds of travels, especially when someone emigrates to another country. Why especially emigration? Who wants to or has to emigrate, e.g. for professional reasons, enters into a particularly strong, binding contact with the country. They also make an important decision with consequences. Astrocartography can show which personal issues are emphasized in the country concerned, how they are emphasized and how the emigrant can best deal with them.

In the end, he will cope much better with life there, because he can prepare and adjust himself. If possible, the decision could be made for another, more favourable country. If you know TV shows about emigrants, such as "Goodbye Germany" - The Emigrants", you know how quickly dreams of a new life in another, better country can be shattered.

The decisive factor is a binding contact with the place

Apart from emigration, all concerns are considered where someone comes into contact with a new place or country. Whether it is moving to another city within Germany, a longer holiday, a longer professional transfer or a love reunion of partners who previously lived far away. Strictly speaking, however, it does not even require a trip. A relevant contact can - albeit weaker - also take place in the home town, namely through people and culture from this country.

For example, anyone who wants to open a Chinese restaurant together with a Chinese or receives an offer for a leading position in the Egyptian Museum in Berlin should consider an astro-cartographic analysis of China or Egypt. The astrological question to be answered by horoscope is then whether, firstly, professional and secondly, favourable professional connections to China or Egypt exist.

Good astrocartography needs the birth chart

Astrocartography or the astrologer does not just create a normal birth chart. A special program draws parts of the birth chart (the horoscope drawing) in the form of so-called planetary lines on larger maps, e.g. a map of Europe. Each planetary line bears a specific theme, e.g. profession, partnership or health. In addition, the astrologer indicates how favourably or unfavourably these themes are addressed in the respective line. He also recognises what specific strengths or weaknesses, challenges and tasks are associated with them. To do this, he then needs the birth horoscope, because birth horoscopes show all the predispositions and tasks that are important for a lifetime. And accordingly, they can be "taken" to another country.

For example, anyone who wants to emigrate to Switzerland for professional reasons with a difficult career line through Switzerland must expect challenges there. This does not necessarily have to be a "no-go". The astrologer could explain what developmental task the line represents and how he or she can best deal with it. He can show which skills he still needs to develop for professional success there and make suggestions on how best to tackle this.

Astrokartographie, Beispiel Auswandern nach China

Another example of astrocartography, for which Marcus Pentzek, the webmaster of this website, has kindly made himself available. Marcus emigrated to China a few years ago because his partner lives there and has started a family, is a proud father of a son. Since certain professional and family matters cannot be reconciled well in Beijing, he is currently back in Germany, but will travel back to China at the latest when his son starts school. This also has to do with his wife, who is strongly bound to his family.

What does astrology or astrocartography say about his emigration to China? The map shows three planetary lines that run through China. A Venus/DC and a Mars/IC line near Beijing and a Moon/IC line in western China. Astrologically this is quite clear and appropriate, because the Venus line stands for partnership, Mars and Moon lines for family: China is for Marcus a country for partnership and family. Marrying a Chinese woman, becoming a father and travelling to China may not surprise many a friend or astrologer. China is a very large country, but both the Mars and Venus Lines pass close to Beijing, of all places, where he actually lived until now. So the astro-cartography confirms everything quite precisely.

Astrocartography and deeper psychological aspects

So far so good, but professional astrology, a really helpful astrocartography horoscope now goes further or deeper and looks into the birth chart. Free online horoscopes get out here, because they are computer horoscopes which cannot "do" any more. But only now it actually becomes exciting, because a meaningful horoscope analysis always interprets the lines in connection with the birth chart. The birth chart is the root and basis for every further horoscope. And here Venus and Moon fulfil professional tasks. In addition, a conflict between professional calling and partnership is discernible, which requires a conscious inner and outer reconciliation work.

According to the birth horoscope, Marcus is faced with the challenge of emigrating to live up to his family and marriage without neglecting his professional vocation. For him, the vocation lies in earning money, among other things. There may be many fathers in the world who neglect their family with the "excuse" of having to earn money, but with Marcus it is part of his vocation. One solution could be to somehow make money together with his Chinese family. One such solution is his offer to offer Chinese online language courses for Germans. In this way he can integrate his family and, in the sense of astro-cartography, the country of China into his profession.

Change the family of origin, travel to yourself

The deeper meaning behind traveling and emigrating to China for Marcus is also to "transform" his childhood and relationship with his family of origin. Through his son and his role as a father, he finds an opportunity to deal with his own family imprints through his parents, which are related, for example, to pressure to perform. Through his own family, his relationship to his family of origin and his childhood experiences should therefore be significantly changed, i.e. transformed. Both internally (feelings, attitudes) and externally. The famous and often quoted "I do things differently than my parents do with me" plays a role here.

The more consciously these two deeper aspects are understood and approached, the more promising are the possibilities of successfully reconciling family/partnership and career. This is where professional psychological astrology begins, which goes beyond superficial astro-cartography that only tells you, for example, whether a country is favourable for emigration or not. Whether a prospective customer chooses the simpler or deeper variant for an astrological consultation is up to everyone. Both is possible and completely o.k.