Sun: Joy of life in the horoscope

How full of relish is your everyday life?

We do things, do what we set out to do, fulfil our duties, work to earn our living. We may even think, "What do you mean by pleasure? You can't always do what you want. After all, you've got to make a living."

In order not to let life itself fall by the wayside, we should mobilize our love of life. In the birth chart our Sun stands for lust for life. The sign in which the Sun is located, the so-called "star sign", can give us a first clue.

Maybe someone with a bull sun says, joie de vivre means for me, when I have time to enjoy something comfortably. Perhaps an Capricorn personality could increase his zest for life by a clearly structured daily routine in which time for pleasure is consistently built in. A person with the sun in the sign of Pisces could take some time every day, perhaps in contact with nature, to follow his dreams. If you have the sun under the sign of Aries, you need room for spontaneity again and again, so that you can start something new from that moment. A personality with a Scale Sun could perhaps say that joie de vivre triples when it can be shared; I look for lovable people who inspire me and with whom I can experience something beautiful.

There are many ways to bring more lust for life and joy into life. One could also orientate oneself on the house theme of the Sun in one's own horoscope or on the needs of the other planets. However, it seems to me that a day that we live through without lust and joy of life is something like a lost day. We then behave like someone who toils for 12 hours in order to earn money and remove all obstacles from the world, so that at the end there is perhaps an hour's rest for ourselves; if we then do not just sink listlessly into bed.

Even if you have a day ahead of you that is primarily about everyday chores, you could take your joy-giving sun with you and say to yourself:

Aries sun: I do it with power
Taurus sun: I do it at my pace
Twins sun: I do it with curiosity
Cancer sun: I do it with well-being
Leo sun: I do it with fun
Virgin Sun: I do it with care
Scale sun: I make my day beautiful
Scorpio sun: I do it with passion
Sagittarius sun: I do it with enthusiasm
Capricorn sun: I do it by my rules
Aquarius sun: I do it original
Pisces sun: I do it with sensitivity