Zodiac sign Libra characteristics 2023

Sternzeichen Waage Eigenschaften / CharakterAnother air sign in astrology is Libra. But this one is actually not comparable with the other air signs. A Libra doesn't want to be pigeonholed. As a kind of insecurity, as the name suggests, everything must always be considered first.

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History of Libra
Strong and sensitive - conflict shy Libra strengthens the love planet Venus. Weighing, explaining and discussing are under the female planet of Venus, which likes to pretend to be blind. The cat and mouse game with indecisive Libra has historical tradition: with the Moon in the house of Libra, the thinking machines are bursting with energy. The solid thought artists do not build abstruse castles in the air, but produce with a little time the lucrative business ideas of tomorrow. If the clever scales long for your rest for themselves or your private circle of friends, these erect a protective wall around themselves - out of concern for the well-being of your circle of acquaintances. If you master dicey situations as charmingly as the star Libra Will Smith without appearing brash, you will convince even pushy fans with the human need for closeness and distance!

Libra characteristics
Right and wrong - the narrow tightrope walk of top-heavy scales can quickly turn into an endless odyssey in search of the right decision. A look at the CD shelf of scales reveals the good taste of scales, for which they like to take more than 4h a day. The conscience of Waagen knows: to strengthen the back of the music industry with the purchase of old school vinyl records out of conviction is a good idea! Energetically argue your opinion when you defend your favorite band like the devil's advocate. "Nothing more than smoke and mirrors!" - whisper ambitious rivals behind Libra's back, but secretly know about the fine antennae that make up the somnambulistic sense of style of always well-dressed Libra.

Whether in partnership or in the choice of profession, decisions are made quite difficult. Also, the fact that the zodiac sign Libra wants to please everyone does not exactly contribute to decisiveness. The overall need for harmony is quite pronounced in a Libra. Therefore, some patience is sometimes demanded from the environment. But if you have a Libra in your circle of acquaintances, you always have a reliable friend at your side. The zodiac sign Libra has a very good taste, which is particularly evident in the style of living or clothing. This also carries this gladly to the show. According to the horoscope, a real Libra is not born for marriage. They are not necessarily averse to an affair. Scales are often found in creative professions that have something to do with consulting. Here you feel comfortable.

Libra woman
The woman of the zodiac sign Libra likes to take care of herself very much and often looks very elegant on the surroundings. This is exactly the reason why many men turn their heads after a Libra. But a Libra woman is not so easily conquered, she takes it very carefully with the choice of partner and does not rush the decisions. After all, she can choose the best match. A Libra woman can be found right often at cultural events, as she is very interested in art and culture. They are also popular in artistic professions. But also as a housewife the Libra gets along very well, the only thing that could be chalked up would be the lack of assertiveness, which children can definitely take advantage of once. Too many compromises are made, which do not always have to be, just for the sake of harmony. Therefore, the Libra woman should also assert her opinion once in a while. This can lead to tensions if the counterpart also has a strong side.

Libra man
In the society the Libra man finds himself very well. He is very popular and usually has a very large circle of friends and acquaintances. Many of his ideas cause amusement and the reliability is also not always given. But this is usually compensated with the charm in the zodiac sign Libra. A Libra man wants to be admired and get praise when he has done something especially great. This is a kind of praise. Even though he doesn't think much of long conversations, he is a passionate lover and complements the combination of Libra and Aquarius very well, because a lot of patience is expected in a relationship. Due to the volatility, it is not always easy with him. Here you notice in the horoscope the impact of Venus, the well-known goddess of love. A flirt also does not always automatically end in a relationship. Also one-time is not rare with a Libra man. You have to be prepared for that and also have understanding for it.

Libra in profession
Researcher, police officer or real estate agent - From "Three strawberries, please!" to "Dear Gummitwist!" the power of scales is always present. Libra friends never know what new market niche the bright minds will discover next. Lest the morning star become the evening star, and the morning star become the evening star, industrious Libra are on guard to listen to your gut. If in the frenzy and fever of the tinkerer over a new discovery gladly forgets all sense of time and errands, the beginning euphoria flees fast. Clever scales then take a deep breath and organize the creative chaos into a new structural tree. When the colleague's plan turns out to be a futile search for the legendary El Dorado in the next act, the secret treasure chest owners do not provoke unnecessary envy and discreetly use the comfortable possibilities of the exclusive find.

Libra and love
People with Libra zodiac sign always want to love and be loved, so they are always looking for love. Romantic by birth, Libra people are usually very successful in love life. On the basis of natural elegance and friendliness, as well as politeness and warm-heartedness, in the presence of Libra people forget how time flies.

Libras love antiques, theater, decoration as well as art and have a great talent for languages. Even though Libra mostly talk about their own interests, it is very amusing to have a conversation with them. To arouse the love and interest of the passionate Libra, you should be generous with compliments, because if you manage to convince Libra of the sincerity of these compliments, thus the first step in the romantic love life is made.

. To conquer the hearts of Libra, the first date should be in a luxurious restaurant with delicate food. People with zodiac sign Libra like to live always and everything in top class and are by no means really happy with less. The tendency to luxury and aesthetics is shown everywhere in the life of Libra and is really happy only with a luxurious and elegant partner. In order to have a harmonious love life, Libra need a partner who always appreciates and appreciates them. Libra are passionate partners and like to be an idol for the lover.

. The social and loving Libra partners like to have fun at parties and celebrations and are immediately noticed by their elegance and kindness.

The reliable Libra partners do not like to promise anything, but if they have promised something, it is very important for them to keep this promise.

Famous Libra Women
Susan Sarandon, Brigitte Bardot

Famous Libra Men
John Lennon, Michael Douglas, Klaus Kinski

Elements of the Libra
Best day: Friday
Animals: dove, swan, flamingo
Metal: Copper
Element: Air
Flowers: lily, rose, daffodil
Colors: pink, turquoise, sky blue
Stones: Aquamarine, smoky quartz, magnesite