Aquarius and Gemini in partnership 2021

In a relationship between Aquarius and Gemini, many suggestions and ideas can be found. The two signs feel connected by intellect as well as idealism. In such a relationship, there are often stimulating conversations or even discussions about the world and understanding of the world. For both signs this is stimulating and also very important in a partnership although the Gemini rather looks for the firm connection, in order to get suggestions for its life while the Aquarius enters the relationship, in order to bind itself with its kind. Both partners can admit to a lot of freedom, so that small differences in a relationship do not cause major problems. However, if the desires are too different, tensions can easily arise, as in any other relationship.

Aquarius man and Gemini woman real friendship

A relationship between an Aquarius man and a Gemini woman could be very interesting, but also very good. Because Gemini women like men who have already proved to be real friends before, while Aquarius men also put a lot of emphasis on friendship before they decide. This commonality can be both good and bad. If both recognize between all the friendly undertakings that they want more, it becomes a good partnership. Because both have the same desire in this respect: to gain a good friend in addition to the partner. One problem that could only exist here is the flirtatiousness of the Gemini woman.

Gemini man and Aquarius woman friendship and love

The Gemini man also focuses on friendship before deciding on a woman. However, Gemini men sometimes find it difficult to decide on a woman. The Aquarius woman is free and modern minded, so she also needs some space and independence. In a partnership between Aquarius woman and Gemini man, the Aquarius woman would spread a lot of cheerfulness, which attracts the man. Since there is a certain need for freedom with the Aquarius woman, there is also enough time for the Gemini man to make an effort to make friends. As in the opposite situation, however, the Gemini man's flirtatiousness could become a long-term relationship problem here.