Aquarians and Pisces in partnership - One always gets the short end of the stick 2022

The Pisces and Aquarius connection goes more badly than well, at least for one of the two. This is due to fundamental differences between the two zodiac signs.

While a Pisces is very much guided by his feelings, an Aquarius lives in his very own spiritual-ideal world. That one of the two falls by the wayside in the process is more or less obvious. Because of the intense feelings that the Pisces quickly gets involved in, he/she will probably be the one to fall by the wayside in the end.

To prevent this, it is especially important to be in constant communication with your partner. Ideally, the two signs complement each other. In this case, Aquarius manages to communicate his feelings to Pisces on the emotional level, and Pisces can open up and get involved. In return, Aquarius must manage to give Pisces an insight into his ideal world.

Pisces man and Aquarius woman - vanity and attention

The Pisces man is calculated as well as vain. They do not necessarily see women, respectively partners as decoration, but the optical aspect plays a decisive role for him. He likes to show off together with his partner.

The Aquarius woman likes to play along with this show. She is happy about the attention and admiration he shows her. At the same time, she feels that she is making life quite easy for him out of gratitude for these positive experiences. She sacrifices herself completely for him, losing more and more of her own life and independence in the process.

If this is combined with the loss of the first shine, that is, as soon as the relationship starts to become problematic, it is easy for the Pisces man to detach himself from it. The Aquarius woman, on the other hand, will have a hard time devoting herself to her own life again. She will also have a hard time getting involved with someone else again.

Pisces woman and Aquarius man - dominance on the part of the woman

Pisces women can be very calculated and forward-looking. They do not let everyone get close to them directly, preferring to choose weaker partners with whom they can impose their will more easily.

Since they act very much according to mental logic, they often appear cold, unable to give themselves fully to a relationship, or only rarely.

The Aquarius man is an easy victim for a Pisces woman. He is always looking for a deep emotional bond, and takes every opportunity to build one. In doing so, he may well sacrifice himself for his partner. He is all too easily blinded by the glow of the first surge of emotion and loses all touch with reality. The rose-colored glasses totally blur his view. While for her the end of the relationship was foreseeable long ago, he is completely thrown off course by it.