Taurus and Aquarius in partnership 2022

A relationship between Taurus and Aquarius is not always easy. But although there can be some complications, there are strengths that both have and can use for themselves. For example, both prefer a businesslike and very calm communication. So together they can make up for the arising conflicts and overcome ups and downs. The bull likes the traditional and proven. Thus, he attaches great importance to family things. The Aquarius, on the other hand, is a very modern-oriented, technically interested, person who has little love for these things. The Aquarius is always anxious to stand out from the gray uniformity and to be something special. This clashes with the desires and the views of the Taurus. The Taurus only feels really at home and comfortable when everything goes its usual way. For a functioning connection it is important that the Taurus gives the Aquarius all the necessary freedom. Even though the Taurus is always eager to stick to the usual things, sometimes he has to let the Aquarius go and do what he has to do. In return, the Aquarius sometimes has to remember the traditional values and the usual things, in order to give the Taurus the feeling of consistency and of always being the same, which is so important for him. Only if both partners respond to each other, the connection between Taurus and Aquarius can be crowned with success. With enough tolerance, respect and patience this connection can become a real hit.

Aquarius and Taurus woman

The Aquarius man loves his freedom. Women are usually quickly taken by his charm and enjoy a flirt with him, but too quickly he does not give himself for a firm commitment. The first time he enjoys purely friendly with a woman until he then binds himself. The Taurus woman, however, likes it very steady and traditional and prefers a firm commitment with clearly defined rules and become clear compared to a casual acquaintance. Thus two clear opposites meet here. However, this problem usually settles itself once the Taurus woman has conquered the Aquarius man. Because once the Aquarius man has got involved with a partner, this is usually a really firm bond, which also does justice to a Taurus woman.

Taurus man and Aquarius woman

The Taurus man likes it traditional and steady. He prefers the traditional distribution of roles and likes it when the woman makes sure that the home is beautiful. The Aquarius woman, on the other hand, loves her freedom and likes to realize herself. At this point, problems may arise. In the end, the Taurus man must accept that the Aquarius woman is very freedom-loving. Nevertheless, he must never forget that she knows very well where she belongs. She is a very loyal soul even if she attaches importance to contacts with other people. Thus, her circle of friends is very important to her and of even greater importance is that the Taurus man accepts it. She sees it as a part of herself and if the Taurus man accepts her, he must also accept and like her friends. If he gets involved with her friends she will not only be happy with him, but a community that sticks together will be created. In the end, both will benefit from this.