Gemini and Capricorn in Partnership 2021

Gemini and Capricorn harmonize with each other, because the Gemini likes to talk and the Capricorn likes to listen well. Only in arguments can there often be problems, because the zodiac sign Gemini is very resentful and sees things only in rare cases. Gemini quickly feels attacked, which happens easily, because Capricorns are very direct and address problems. Capricorns like to keep minor things quiet and let the grass grow over them. The Gemini born usually have the upper hand in the relationship, even though the Capricorn is often more eloquent and superior to the Gemini in many ways. A partnership can work, but often it is only small flirtations, because both zodiac signs like to flirt very much and need their own confirmation.

Gemini man and Capricorn woman - a bracket relationship from the male side

Gemini men have many positive qualities, such as family togetherness. However, the Gemini man is also quite clingy and the Capricorn woman, who is independent, can quickly feel constricted by this. The Gemini man needs the woman constantly near him and is very possessive, which can make a relationship between the two zodiac signs very difficult. The Gemini man wants to discuss all circumstances down to the smallest detail and he also wants to discuss unimportant things. The Capricorn woman is also very eloquent and likes to clarify incidents, but she also wants to keep quiet about something. The love between both parties is usually very great and because of the intimate love there can also be functioning partnerships. Often, however, the Capricorn woman loses courage in the constant discussions.

Capricorn man and Gemini woman harmonize with each other

Capricorn men and Gemini women harmonize better with each other than the Gemini men with Capricorn women. Capricorn men clarify serious points directly and Gemini women have so little reason to be resentful. The Gemini woman often has trouble responding exactly to the needs of the Capricorn, which is why inconsistencies can often occur. However, through open discussion, this matters little and harmonious partnerships can occur between the two parties. Capricorns are not at all resentful, which is why the Gemini woman can allow herself to make mistakes sometimes without immediately sparking a big argument. If a dispute arises, it will be settled properly. Sexually, the Gemini woman usually has the upper hand and often takes the initiative.