Taurus and Capricorn in partnership 2022

Taurus and Capricorn both belong to the so-called earth signs. You both like the peace and harmony which you both radiate. You do not want to let this be destroyed by emotional risks or material things. You both look at the world from the realistic side and have the same values. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a harmonious life together. You give each other the support you have been longing for in a partnership. Work and the money connected with it play an important role for you, because you both want to lead a qualitative life. Both of you should try to continue to enjoy such a harmonious life together. If it should come nevertheless to quarrels, you both put your horns down, because you can use this time for something better. Surprise your partner sometimes with romantic gifts, so your relationship will always remain young and fresh as on the first day. Not only professionally, the two understand each other, also in bed you deal with each other lustfully. Because the common love play is very important to you.

Taurus woman and Capricorn man - does it fit together?

The Capricorn man likes to be spoiled. This does the Taurus woman very devotedly and with all means. But she also likes to show the Capricorn man her horns when something doesn't suit her. But with empathy and the inner soft core of the Capricorn man, he gets the Taurus woman again quickly wrapped around his finger. The Capricorn man is rather the romantic in the relationship and shows it to his Taurus woman also very much. Both of you fit into your roles and spend a harmonious time together. The Capricorn man is also very ambitious and takes fidelity very seriously. The Taurus woman benefits from this, as she also possesses exactly these qualities. Thus, you both support and complement each other in your abilities.

Taurus man and Capricorn woman - two horned lovers?

The Taurus man wants to create important foundations for the cohabitation of the two with all his strength and also builds on a certain security. The Capricorn woman appreciates this enthusiasm of her partner very much and therefore likes to spoil him very much. She is also very caring about the family. She takes care of her Taurus man and the household does not leave her either. This allows the Taurus man to concentrate on his work, which is necessary for a decent life. This support is very good for the Taurus man and tries to meet the Capricorn woman by many small things.