Cancer and Gemini in Partnership 2022

Since a Gemini is rather mind-controlled, he is very attracted to the warm-hearted and motherly Cancer. The latter, in turn, is fascinated by the lively Gemini and his mental agility. Both can benefit from each other. Cancer can bring a lot of peace and quiet to the Gemini, who is constantly hungry for life and variety; in return, Gemini gives a little more zest to Cancer's often very comfortable and security-oriented life. However, Cancer's strong sense of family and home is often difficult to reconcile with Gemini's longing for novelty and often leads to problems that Gemini prefers to solve by reason and Cancer rather by feeling.

Gemini man and Cancer woman

Since the outlook on life of Gemini men is very carefree, they also tend to be unfaithful more often. However, they usually return to their partner remorsefully after a fling. Cancer women find it difficult to forgive, however, as they are very resentful. They are very emotional and romantic, but also quickly deeply hurt. Their motherliness makes them really absorbed in caring for home and family, and they unconditionally recognize a husband as the head of the family. However, if they do not receive the necessary recognition for their efforts, they can become very moody and annoy their partner with constant reproaches. A Gemini man seldom has these nerves, moreover, he does not like to be chained. A partnership between the two very different signs of the zodiac can therefore only succeed if the Gemini shows more consideration for the feelings of the Cancer and the Cancer gives the Gemini his space.

Cancer man and Gemini woman

The Cancer man is one of the most affectionate men, he is faithful even if he flirts with others now and then. However, the attachment can degenerate into downright "clinging", coupled with his tendency to passivity, there is a great danger that his Gemini wife will take flight. Gemini women want a partner who is able to make decisions and has leadership qualities. On the other hand, the Gemini woman benefits from the empathy of the Cancer man, because although she is generally very adaptable, the man at her side has to be very patient and kind, since she is very restless and unyielding. In return, however, she is willing to sacrifice herself for a partner.