Leo and the Gemini - a strong team 2022

The active Gemini spurs the sometimes lazy Leo on to top performance. He is interested in many things and likes to be inspired by the Lion's passions. The Leo loves in the Gemini his flexibility and enterprise, as well as the cheerful nature. The Leo impresses the Gemini with his courage and strength. He benefits from this, because he feels safe in the shadow of the lion and thus becomes more courageous and self-confident. The Gemini lives out of emotion and is sometimes a bit chaotic. The Leo knows how to compensate for this with his organizational ability. However, the Gemini should learn to always treat the proud Leo with respect, otherwise the latter will definitely show his claws. Fortunately, the Gemini is not hurt for long, because he quickly forgets a quarrel. The lion should therefore learn not to be resentful, so both become a strong team.

Leo woman and Gemini man - harmony can be learned

The Gemini man is fascinated by the strong Leo woman. This is exactly the woman after his taste. She is confident and determined and pays attention to her appearance. The Gemini is looking for physical and mental closeness. The Leo woman can offer him both, because she is profound and sensual. The Gemini man impresses the Leo woman with his energy. He is always active and ready for any undertaking. However, he should always treat her politely, otherwise he will feel her claws. The Leo woman, on the other hand, must learn not to pull the wool over her Gemini's sometimes insensitive choice of words.

Leo man and Gemini wife a luxury dream couple

The usually well-dressed and charming Leo man, usually impresses the Gemini woman very much. She loves the luxury he can usually offer her. The Leo man, in turn, likes to have a woman who shines next to him and whom he can show off. He has found this in the Gemini woman, because she always dresses according to the latest trend. In addition, she pays attention to her figure, which is not very difficult for her thanks to her lively nature. However, the Gemini woman will hardly forgive her Leo for flings, so he should stay away from other women. The Lion man might let out a loud roar now and then if the Gemini woman gets a little too bitchy for him.