Gemini and Pisces in partnership 2021

The Gemini man is curious and so he has also discovered the Pisces woman. But when he wants to talk, she remains silent. If he wants to go out, she stays at home. Unfortunately, the Pisces woman is also a bit stubborn and she wants to be well protected, which should be difficult for her with the Gemini man. He is fickle and freedom-loving. A joint partnership can only work if the Gemini submits to the somewhat stubborn will of the Pisces woman. But is there a Gemini man who really subordinates himself? The Gemini woman also wants to experience something, while the Pisces man loves the small, sociable circle. A partnership between these two zodiac signs is difficult and so the Gemini male or female will probably quickly seek his pleasure outside the home.

Gemini man and Pisces woman

The Pisces woman is romantic and loves theater and concert visits, she is romantic and dreamy. The feeling plays a big role with her. He, however, plays with romance and is ironic.< He should tame his witty punch lines a bit with the Pisces woman, she is vulnerable and easily offended. She tries to respect his urge for freedom, but she will not succeed in the long run. The Pisces woman longs for safety and security, she needs a strong shoulder to lean on. However, the Gemini man will make her feel additionally insecure, he is constantly afraid of being "pinned down". His non-commitment will never be understood by the Pisces woman. These two zodiac signs find it difficult to develop a common life plan, the Pisces woman may be a loving companion, but the absent-minded Gemini will usually not even notice.

Pisces man and Gemini woman

The Pisces man and the Gemini woman do not have much in common. The Pisces man is romantic and needs his caresses. The cool Gemini woman, on the other hand, is decisive and not exactly sentimental. The Pisces man should not necessarily go into raptures and dreams, for this the Gemini woman has no understanding. She would rather like a partner who knows what he wants and enforces this. Also in the financial there might be friction in the long run, the Gemini woman is not exactly thrifty to call. In terms of sociability, the two come closer again, however, he loves the small framework and she would like to go out big and meet new people everywhere.