Leo and Pisces in partnership 2022

Leo carries the sun in his heart and thus manages to playfully push away the cloudy thoughts of Pisces. Thus, the Pisces can finally use his powers optimally again and look positively into the day. In love, the two can complement each other well. For the serene and dignified Leo is very fond of the sensitive and tenderness-seeking Pisces. Pisces are adaptable, but rarely let the lion tell them anything for a long time. Therefore, it may be that the small agile fish, quite secretly quietly escape from the territory of the lion. Only if both approach each other is this partnership of a wild lion and a sensual fish happy in the long run.

The Pisces woman complements the self-absorbed Leo man

A Leo man is very proud, wasteful with money and always has the compulsion to be the center of attention. If he is admired, adored and respected, then he has been tamed. This is exactly where the Pisces woman attacks. She is the ideal complement to the self-absorbed Leo man. The Pisces lady holds him captive with her irresistible charm and gets all his protective instincts from him in return. The Leo man will find and love his partner in the mysterious, dreamy and feminine Pisces. However, he must restrain himself a little in his impulsive nature, because otherwise it can happen that he pushes the Pisces woman in front of the head with it and she withdraws from his cage.

Pisces men dream of racy Leo women

The Pisces man is a dreamer and thus a very sensitive fellow. This exactly makes him an understanding and ever-ready soul comforter and lifeline for friends and family. He is the optimal artist type, dreamy, broke and sometimes naive. Exactly these qualities, however, make a partnership with a Leo woman a difficult undertaking. Because this one is the pure opposite. She bubbles over with vital energy and zest for action! A Leo woman loves to act, be it by roaring wildly or by purring gently. A Pisces man will not be able to keep up with the liveliness of a Leo woman. Unless he puts on seven mile boots and she extends antennas to avoid hurting his sensitive spot too deeply.