Gemini and Sagittarius in partnership 2021

Their love is passionate and playful. They attract each other because they both prefer the light side of life. They like the titillation, the big fights and the romantic reconciliations. They reinforce each other's childlike personalities. The two tend to talk a lot and entertain their circle of friends. They are not at all monogamous types, which can lead to major scandals. They love each other, but they are not grown together. That is precisely why their relationship can work well: They give each other the freedom they long for and can ensure the varied life.

The Gemini Man and the Sagittarius Woman

The Gemini man is a type full of contradictions. He is constantly in love, but does not reject adventures in between. He is not sentimental and intimacy always pairs with a good mood with him. He is a good man, but does not stand the domination of his wife. With the extreme, temperamental Sagittarius woman, they make a good team. The Sagittarius woman does not marry easily. She needs freedom, so she is often single for a long time. If she feels so that her partner neglects her, immediately demands more attention. She chooses her partner after a long search, but in her relationship she is always a good, devoted partner.

The Sagittarius Man and the Gemini Woman

The Sagittarius man is a romantic idealist. The beautiful women attract him and he tries everything to conquer the chosen woman. He always feels in love, although it is difficult for him to stay in a relationship because he enjoys the chase itself. He cannot stand jealousy at all. So he can make a good team with the Gemini woman who is always entertaining and casual. The Gemini woman is very realistic, she likes constant change. She is also prone to infidelity, she is simple, immediate and not at all sensitive. She dictates in the relationship. Moreover, she is an excellent life companion who is always a strong helper in the relationship.