Gemini and Scorpio in partnership 2021

A partnership with a Scorpio can quickly become a test of patience even for an otherwise very open-minded Gemini. A Scorpio is a person of opposites. Either all or nothing, love or hate. While on the one hand this ensures that a Scorpio can be very faithful in a relationship, perhaps even affectionate, on the other hand a Scorpio is also very passionate and jealous - making them very opposite compared to the more easy going Gemini. For a Gemini tends to constantly changing partnerships and a very society-oriented life. A friendly basis is very important to him.

Gemini man and Scorpio woman in exciting partnership

When a male Gemini meets a female Scorpio in a partnership, things get exciting. Because a male Gemini is often a man who likes many women and is more interested in having fun than in a long-term relationship. The Scorpio woman, on the other hand, is incredibly intense in everything she does and could easily be off-putting to a man. There won't be any problems here yet - you can't scare a Gemini away that quickly - however, the question is whether a Scorpio woman can keep a Gemini in the long run. Because this requires a companionable basis, not just a passionate relationship. But perhaps it is the Scorpio woman who can turn the bon vivant into a husband.

Scorpio man and Gemini woman in difficult partnership

A Scorpio man tends to be very direct. Many women may be put off by this, but with a Gemini woman it can sometimes be helpful. Because she always has many men around her and is so busy with short affairs that sometimes she doesn't even notice when a man expresses serious interest in her. The partnership in this constellation will prove to be difficult: He will shower her with love and want to hold her forever. But a Gemini is looking for variety. She will miss the freedom of being single. His only chance is to be a very good friend to her at the same time with whom she can do a lot. The great danger of such a relationship is that the Gemini woman will become bored. As long as this is avoided, the relationship has a chance.