Leo and Virgo in partnership 2022

Those born under the sign of Virgo have the positive qualities of honesty, reliability, discipline and thoroughness, points that do not belong to the positive characteristics but to the negative ones of Virgo are belligerence, overcautiousness, as well as prude and grumpy traits. Leo, on the other hand, is very proud, optimistic and ambitious, and very sociable. However, the Leo also has negative characteristics such as inability to criticize, arrogance and a self-centered and wasteful character.

Virgo lady and Lion lord

If the zodiac sign combination of Virgo lady and Leo lord results, the Virgo woman is a lady with high standards and great self-control. She is modest and trusts her intellect more than her heart. However, once she opens her heart to a partner, her love is deeply rooted and she will be a perfect housewife and caring mother to her husband. The Leo man can meet the high standards of the Virgo woman by liking to be the center of attention and excelling in athletic competitions, but he also knows how to handle defeat skillfully. With his partner it is important to him that she admires him and that he can show off with her, but she does not have to be particularly conspicuous, because he would like to be the center of attention himself, this characteristic goes well with the modesty of Virgo, as well as the ambition of both partners to get ahead.

Virgo man and Leo woman - never a dull moment here

If a couple of a Virgo man and a Leo woman finds each other, she will have to deal with a man of very high intellect, who attaches great importance to his personal advancement and health. However, he would never take a risk and never makes the same mistakes twice. When it comes to women, he tries to explore them and prefers to be the hunted rather than the hunter, but once he commits himself, he makes his partner feel comfortable and happy. The Leo woman will be very happy about this, because she makes a point of being adored and desired and is always the striking jewel on occasions. Her inability to submit to another and her pride will ensure that things do not get boring with the Virgo man. Besides, the Leo lady needs variety and likes to play the tragic heroine sometimes. In money matters, she is sometimes wasteful, which may displease the Virgo man.