Scorpio and Virgo in partnership 2022

Virgo and Scorpio are very different. Both do not necessarily wear their hearts on their tongues, they nevertheless understand each other instinctively. Between themselves, they can help each other to face emotional matters with a large portion of objectivity and express feelings more openly. They want to be respected by their partner and value their privacy. Virgo sometimes feels overrun by the passionate Scorpio. This is also where the irritant of the relationship lies. However, if both manage to expand the character of the partner nothing stands in the way of a functioning relationship.

Virgo man and Scorpio woman

The Virgo is characterized by his intellect and logical thinking. His instinct warns him of dangerous adventures. He leaves nothing to chance. Perfectionism and a sense of responsibility are his top priorities. He examines women hypercritically, scrutinizing their character for the smallest flaws. He has a nervous temperament and needs a calm environment. The Scorpio woman is completely different from him. She is passionate and knows how to charm a man. Your sexual desire is in the foreground as well as your desire for luxury. She can't do anything with stingy men. She tends to excess in her job as well as in her free time. It will never be boring with her. Men who long for a quiet and peaceful existence may be overwhelmed with her.

Scorpio man and Virgo woman

The Scorpio man is passionate and unpredictable. He lets himself be guided by his urges and accepts every hurdle to satisfy his desire. A relationship with a Scorpio man is like dancing on a fine line. He does not forgive missteps and hates weakness. For this reason, relationships with Scorpio men are risky. They are resentful and to keep the peace women have to make some efforts. The Virgo woman searches until she finds a man who meets your standards. She likes to judge people superficially. For this reason, she often overlooks the valuable character traits of people. She is a woman with a lot of self-control. Seriousness, modesty and dignity characterize her, she rarely boasts about her achievements. She has a sharp intellect and wants to be challenged. When she opens up, she is kind and loving. She is an interesting partner and a woman with whom a man can live his life.