Zodiac sign Cancer characteristics 2024

Zodiac sign Cancer characteristicsrThe zodiac sign Cancer itself is quite changeable. This becomes more than clear in the horoscope. Either the family is kept in motion or the Cancer falls into lethargy and infects his environment with it. With this, one of numerous characteristics, one must first learn to deal also. But it is not due to the person himself, but rather to the influence of the moon.

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History of the Zodiac Cancer
Smart and flexible - the changeable Moon forms a firm liaison with the profound zodiac sign of Cancer. The ruler of the tides governs the water element, which flexibly adapts to new circumstances and challenges. Astrologers know: The strength of water lies in its unique malleability and speed. This is both a curse and a blessing: the effervescent temperament of Cancers in partnerships should not be underestimated. When the storm rages, Cancer's confidants smooth the waters with a joint outing. The single Cancer longs for security, but not everyone can meet his high expectations. Charming and perky by nature, Cancers are always puzzling your partner. A distinctly dynamic constellation is considered to be Leo and Cancer, when the natural forces of Sun and Moon appear in cyclic combinations.

Cancer character
Alone or among friends - Cancers feel torn between the poles of autonomy and heteronomy. The cheerful creatures gain so much warmth from human closeness, but risk losing sight of their own needs, wishes and dreams. As the number of confidants increases, so does the justified concern about losing your own freedom. Clever crabs build up their own network, but break through old structures with their sharp pincers. If in the digital age today the currency is attention, tactful Cancers find with the help of the Moon a loving togetherness in the exclusive circle of like-minded people. Trusting Cancerians like to let the close friends look deep into the soul. At the same time, Cancers do not fall for lies and rumors about an ally and form their own opinions.

However, the zodiac sign Cancer is also a family man and prefers to maintain and uphold long-standing friendships as well. Cancer is a good host and also cares a lot about the home environment. Therefore, a Cancer zodiac sign could definitely make you feel at home at any time, as the decor is usually more than homey. The feeling of security should be in the foreground here. However, many outsiders perceive the pronounced sense of family as a clinging tactic and constriction of the other person. Professionally, Cancerians do not get involved in experiments. Once they get a job, they won't be so quick to give it up. The Cancer is very vulnerable. This can lead to a depression, from which the Cancer can only emerge gently, because the injuries are then quite deep. But as with a compass, the signs are always north and straight ahead, even if the zodiac sign Cancer is rather to be described as resentful.

One of the most important differences in the characteristics in Cancer man and Cancer woman are the following:

The Cancer Woman
The Cancer woman is an over-glamorous and passionate mother. The offspring, but also the partner is pampered and cared for in every way. If the children are fledged, it is very difficult to let go of his children and not to be able to swallow them anymore. This indicates that a Cancer woman does not necessarily have to embark on a steep professional career. Many go in your vocation as a housewife and mother fully. However, the horoscope also foresees that they like to try to pass on responsibility or to stay in the background when it comes to making decisions. Here the compass of the Cancer woman strikes out to look for the suitable counterpart as a partner here. Cancer women are rarely satisfied with themselves. They tend not to think rationally, but are very influenced by their own feelings. Strength is gathered in one's own family and here energy and strength is also refueled in stressful situations.

The Cancer Man
The man with the zodiac sign Cancer is actually the ideal image of the Cancer woman. He, too, is said to have female characteristics, such as domesticity and a strong sense of family. The man tends to increased sensitivity, he is rather in the background, so that he usually can not show his merits with women so. But if you have a Cancer man by your side, you have found a faithfully caring and reliable partner. The man with the zodiac sign Cancer sometimes lacks just the masculine qualities, these include assertiveness or independent action. The appearance is usually somewhat insecure. With strong horoscope zodiac signs, the Cancer man can rather do nothing. Therefore, he is mostly attracted to zodiac signs like Virgo, Taurus or Pisces. Professionally, he is more likely to be found in the social field, because here the caring aspect stands out.

The cancer in professional life
Banker, restaurant owner, fitness couch - crabs score especially well in industries where brains and athleticism are in demand. How do Cancerians do it? The clever star signs cleverly cheat their way through without making a big effort. Nothing clouds the princess weather of the popular bosses, if they establish a culture of fairness in your business with a lot of knowledge of human nature and genuine empathy. Cancers are considered the assertive individualists in your business. If you are friends with a Cancer, you know that enhancing your own comsum karma is not only a priority in the interior design of the Cancer office, the headstrong divas also give free rein to your creativity at home. After all, Cancers possess one thing above all else to get ahead professionally: Personality.

The cancer in love
It has long been known that crabs are very sensitive to their environment. Moreover, they are devoted, passionate and receptive to all things related to the psyche. Because of all these things, it is obvious that Cancers are no different when it comes to love. This means that Cancers are also particularly vulnerable and sensitive in love, which of course includes marriage and partnership. Another characteristic of the Cancer is that this/these never openly and loudly states the own feelings.

Even to just one person, Cancer almost always reveals itself only when it trusts its own feelings and is one hundred percent sure that this is his/her life partner and they are meant for each other. Most Cancers, however, hope that their love partner will make the first move and take the initiative. This includes flirting, seducing, but also if the relationship has already lasted longer / long the marriage proposal. But it is logical that this does not always work out. Thereby the cancer falls not rarely in lovesickness, if its (possible) partner does not seize the initiative.

. Through this it often happens that the Cancer convinces himself/herself that he/she is not loved properly. It is known that this sign of the zodiac has a weakness for romance, dreaming and tenderness (for two). At the same time, for Cancer, the atmosphere during love must be cozy and soothing. Cancer loves the classical atmosphere, with candlelight, beautiful and atmospheric music. Another typical characteristic of Cancer is that he/she does not separate emotional and sexual needs. In other words, if there is sexuality involved with Cancer, you can be sure that it is his/her great love and not a trivial affair! As advice one can give to the cancer only on the way that he/she should try to react in some things with less sensitivity.


Best day: Monday
Animals: swan, cat, rabbit
Scents: Jasmine
Metal: Silver
Element: Water
Flowers: lily, jasmine
Colors: Green, Turquoise
Stones: Emerald, Opal