Zodiac sign Sagittarius characteristics 2023

Zodiac sign Sagittarius traits / characterThe zodiac sign Sagittarius extends from November 23 to December 21. Sagittarius is the ninth sign in the zodiac and its element is fire. Sagittarius is always drawn to the wide world and is almost filled with the urge for its freedom and new knowledge. Therefore, his character traits are also completely aligned with these lines.

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History of the zodiac sign Sagittarius
Sagittarius is a human torso with a horse's body. Therefore, he embodies the figure of the centaur Chiron. He was considered wise and helpful, whereas most centaurs were rather violent and addicted to drink. He gave lessons to many other heroes and sons of the gods. Hercules, Achilles and Orpheus took part in these lessons. Furthermore, he invented the bow and arrow. However, this also meant his death sentence, because when he was working with poisoned bows and arrows, a tip penetrated his hoof. From here on he suffered from hellish pain, so that he wished for death. Zeug granted him his wish and gave him a place in the firmament.

General Sagittarius Characteristics
Sagittarius has a very cheerful nature by nature. He is very playful and can join in any fun. Also, Sagittarians have a very big heart and like to help other people. Nevertheless, they are not perfect, they also have some weaknesses. For example, Sagittarians are very stubborn and conservative. They don't like to be ordered to do anything and with their cheerfulness they can put their foot in their mouth. Nevertheless, Sagittarians are optimists through and through. They also like to overcome their weaknesses and show kindness and insight. Beauty and harmony are very close to him and he is deeply religious. To other people he is just and he can show kindness. Sagittarius quickly becomes sentimental and can blindly trust in their luck, even if fate once leaves them.

Sagittarius Man
Sagittarius likes to conquer and therefore his women. Flirting is a real game for him, in which he has become a master. He is witty and entertaining and can quickly attract the glances of others. However, a Sagittarius man should also always be allowed his freedom. Sex is not so much in the center for him, because he wants to be able to talk with his partner also on an intellectual level. In addition, he sees both partners as equals and does not want to rule over his partner. However, his wife should not cling, because the Sagittarius man needs an adventurous and fun partner with whom he can enjoy the cheerfulness of life. The Sagittarius man not only takes very good care of his partner, but also of his family.

Sagittarius Woman
The Sagittarius woman is very self-confident and knows what she wants. She pays special attention to her independence and looks for a partner who can do her justice. She needs a lot of hustle and bustle and movement in her life, although she can't do without her free space either, of course. The man of her dreams should not bore her, but be able to surprise her with many adventures. As a mother she is ambitious and she can take good care of her children. She pays a lot of attention to education and wants to have serious intellectual conversations. Nevertheless, she has high demands also in terms of choosing a suitable partner. With her as a partner it will never be boring and you can always face new challenges.

Sagittarius in partnership
Sagittarius generally has a very erotic aura. He tends to become sentimental very quickly. Partly Sagittarius is very possessive in a partnership and he demands complete devotion from his partner. However, Sagittarius must not be bored either. He is very strongly rooted in tradition and he believes in marriage. Therefore, he would not endanger it. However, you should let him get away with a little flirtation, because after all he needs his freedom and he loves to take advantage of it. Aquarius, Leo, Aries and Libra can be considered as favorable partners. Unfavorable partners are more likely to include Virgo, Capricorn and Scorpio.

Sagittarians are idealists with a lot of imagination. Sensitivity and versatile interests determine the character of these generous people. Representatives of this zodiac sign live carefree and are open to new things; they do not like rigid rules and routine and do not like to commit themselves. Due to their direct nature, they sometimes offend their counterparts. These typical character traits also determine the love life of the Sagittarius.

love horoscope sagittariusSince Sagittarians like to chase, it may be that the first infatuation and conquering gives them more pleasure than the actual relationship. Due to their tendency not to commit, they commit late, if at all. If they are then in a committed relationship, too much routine has a very negative effect - Sagittarians are then quite susceptible to temptation in the form of affairs and flings. If you want to keep a Sagittarius over a longer period of time, you have to give them a lot of freedom. Only then Sagittarius feels comfortable in a relationship and can be surprisingly faithful.

The own independence will always be very important to the Sagittarius - whether male or female. In a relationship, he wants to be the one who determines the rules of the game. However, the partner is not taken for granted: Romance and imaginative expressions of love are part of a successful relationship for the Sagittarius. Also the achievement of jointly set goals is important for the Sagittarius.

Honest, open, spontaneous, not always faithful - this is how you could characterize the Sagittarius in a few words. If you want to keep him, you have to let him take the lead in the relationship and be ready to try new things and always react empathetically. Then Sagittarius is a reliable, interesting companion through life.

Sagittarius in Job
Sagittarius is a good boss, as he can be very generous, fair and responsible. His leadership style is not authoritarian and he likes to think. Therefore, professions with a mental challenge are particularly interesting for him. He likes to take advanced trainings and courses in his job. Due to his joyful and helpful nature, Sagittarius is well placed among colleagues. However, he also has an open and direct nature that some colleagues may see as a problem. However, since he freely says what he thinks, he can judge many things well and his opinion is highly valued in the profession. He has the urge of freedom, which is why self-employment can be a good option for the Sagittarius. He finds it interesting to discover new things and likes to travel the world.

Famous Sagittarius Man
Bruce Lee, Brad Pitt, Frank Sinatra, Steven Spielberg, Frank Zappa, Woody Allen, Ludwig van Beethoven, José Carreras, Rudi Carell, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Heino, Jimi Hendrix, Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Famous Sagittarius Women
Kim Basinger, Maria Callas, Edith Piaf, Jane Fonda, Anna Freud, Bette Midler, Britney Spears, Tina Turner

Elements matching the zodiac sign Sagittarius
Best day: Thursday
Animals: swan, peacock, deer, horse
Scents: violet, musk
Metals: Tin
Element: Fire
Flowers: iris, magerite, carnation
Colors: Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple
Stones: Turquoise, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Brilliant