Zodiac sign Taurus characteristics 2023

Zodiac sign Taurus traits / characterThose born under the zodiac sign Taurus know how to appreciate their life and bring a lot of sensitive and calm qualities. Here all birthday children between April 21 and May 20 can speak of themselves as Taurus. It belongs to the zodiac as the second sign and also shows an animal with pointed horns.

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History of the zodiac sign Taurus
The zodiac sign of Taurus has a very special legend. Here you can be taken back to the time of Zeus, the father of the gods. He fell in love with a young woman named Europa, who was the daughter of a great ruler. He showed himself to the daughter as a beautiful white bull and surprised her on the beach where she liked to hang out. She immediately became enthusiastic about him and sat on his back. Zeus carried her across the sea to the island of Crete, where he showed himself in his normal form and took her as beloved.

General Taurus Characteristics
The Taurus is very fond of the beauty of life. Above all, he shows himself to be a very sensual person and is often considered to be an epicure with good taste. For his goals he is ready to give a lot and also works very hard. This is the reason for the phenomenon that many bulls have a lot of money. One of his strengths is patience, but he also likes to take his time. This in turn has a negative effect on other people. Also the creative occupations belong to his strengths. However, since the Taurus is very sensitive, he also does not forget quickly and can be stubborn and also resentful at the same time. In the relationship he is also very inflexible and to unfamiliar environments he can not adjust very quickly. Greed, jealousy and irascibility are also not uncommon in him.

The Taurus Man
The Taurus needs a lot of time also in relation to a partnership. He is also a very jovial contemporary as a friend and above all is not easily upset. He wants to be sure of his prosperity, but he will not spend himself for it. Nevertheless, he always brings new energy in his life. With his family he wants to spend a lot of time and he is also a very sensitive and erotic lover. Enjoyment relates to all areas of his life, although he must be careful not to want to go head over heels at times. A Taurus man is very reliable and can provide material prosperity.

The Taurus woman
The Taurus woman pays a lot of attention to her appearance and is especially fond of beautiful clothes and jewelry. She takes great care of her body and gives the feeling of harmony and aesthetics to those around her. Since pleasure also comes out in her, she is a very good cook and also shows very good taste in many areas of life. However, if things don't work out the way she wants them to, she can get angry quickly. Success always comes first. However, she can also adjust to family and partnership. However, before she makes a decision, everything is checked and weighed very thoroughly. She has a special talent for perseverance and can also spend a lot of time. However, one must not only respect her complex wishes and needs, but also be able to meet them. A man should always be able to carry her on his hands. In return, she shows an exceptionally beautiful charisma.

Taurus in partnership
The Taurus can stand with both feet firmly on the ground. Of course, this also counts in a partnership. However, it takes some time until you can really convince a Taurus and quick decisions are not made quickly with him. You always have to be prepared for that. Therefore, gushes are also very foreign to him, because he usually means it very first. Love belongs for him to a firm component, which he also looks for. However, he cannot share the beloved partner and wants to possess him completely for himself: This can become a problem for some partners. In return, however, he is also very sensual in a relationship and also has a strong erotic aura. Only jealousy and irascibility could strain the relationship. In all other respects, the Taurus is very tender and can also bring a large part of romance in a relationship.

. Although Taureans are head over heels in love, it can take them a while to openly show their feelings. If you want to have a resounding and harmonious life with bulls in love, you should learn to accommodate the great patience of bulls. To start a love life with bulls, the 'other party' should always take the initiative. Taureans expect their partners to show their feelings completely and express how much they love the Taurus and enjoy being with him.

love horoscope taurusA date in an elegant restaurant, harmonious surroundings and a delicate meal play a major role in first stage. On dates at home, good food, precious objects, flowers, candles and romantic music deepen the feelings of the Taurus.

Taureans, who have a penchant for luxury, can start a long-term love life if you hint to them that nothing in the world is more precious than the Taurus. The strong willpower and the hidden esprit talent of the bulls give peace and comfort to the partner. In order to deal with Taurus in love life resoundingly, one should avoid ambiguity and sudden changes. The Taurus is undoubtedly a faithful and honest partner and is so emotional in love that he feels the partner always and everywhere in his heart and mind, thus keeping the love always fresh and as on the first day. The Taurus man is a very passionate and emotional partner and can confidently lead a long love life, if you show him how important he is to the partner in life.

Taurus at work
The Taurus is characterized above all by his sense of duty. When he has set his sights on something, he achieves it. However, he often takes a lot of time. He cherishes a sense for material things and with his reliability he also manages to achieve great successes. Despite a creative streak, however, he should not get too involved in the creative professions. He is too inflexible for that. Women like to take care of the family in addition to their profession, but try not to neglect both things. Taurus always sets realistic goals, which he can achieve very easily. He expresses criticism when he notices it, which is why he can sometimes be a difficult colleague.

Famous Taurus men
Sigmund Freud, Thomas Gottschalk, Immanuel Kant, Udo Lindenberg, George Lucas, Jack Nicholsen, Al Pacino

Famous Taurus women
Elisabeth II., Senta Berger

Elements suitable for the zodiac sign Taurus
Best day: Friday
Animals: Taurus, Seehung
Scents: Scots pine, rose
Metals: copper
Element: Earth
Flowers: peach, lily, hyacinth, rose
Colors: bright green, pink
Stones: turquoise, emerald, sapphire