Zodiac sign Virgo characteristics 2023

Zodiac sign Virgo traits / characterPeople born under the zodiac sign Virgo are true workhorses. The entire life is meticulously planned and all things that are tackled are carefully weighed. Chaos and sudden events are a horror to Virgo. They prefer to think with their heads and very rationally.

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History of Virgo
Charming with Mercury - the popular mother of the traditional star sign Virgo is the bright envoy planet Mercury. The light of Mercury in the evening sky once served as a reliable compass and safe guide of bold sailors. Mercury's historical virtues are reliable companions in times of need, when order and thrift help Virgo's friends out of a bind. Astrologers have known how to interpret the ambiguous constellations around Virgo since the beginning of astrological science. Feminine Venus reflects the subtle, quiet character traits of gentleness, serenity, and unadulterated emotionality. Famous actresses such as Julia Roberts embody the ideal image of popular Virgos. Admirers of Virgo know that the creative naturals can be happy only if your life has meaning and real purpose. The hidden nature of the job and financial planet Mercury is not only powerful, but also incalculable. The sudden self-doubt will help empathetic Virgo at full moon to understand the arguments of the opposite side.

Virgo characteristics
Here reason and intellect prevail, therefore a Virgo is rather not guided by her feelings. Existing work is done conscientiously, but a Virgo is rarely found in leadership positions, rather in the employee or worker relationship. As an earth element, she usually carries out the work that has been started by others, and remains, however, rather in the background. Self-promotion is not for a Virgo, so you can't expect her to take on a marathon once to make her mark. The horoscope clearly proves that this is a zodiac sign that is good with modesty. This does not mean, however, that a certain striving for possessions is not striven for, but exactly this runs rather in the secret and it is also not bragged. Even if a higher sum is spent for it once. That can be made out also very well at a cultivated appearance in the public.

Naturally, a distinction must also be made here between the Virgo woman and the Virgo man. Because the actual horoscope can not be generalized.

The Virgo Woman
The Virgo woman is actually a rational person. Even if feelings exist, they are not necessarily given in immediately. At first glance, as the name suggests, she seems rather a little innocent. This is precisely an aspect that is very well received by men. But a Virgo is usually quite independent, gets her life under control alone and does not need a solvent partner at her side. But since not everything is career-oriented, it is not surprising that even an independent Virgo would like to grow old and start a family with the right partner at some point. Once she has decided on the role of mother, she is that with heart and soul, without neglecting her own appearance. A certain standard of living is still a desired goal.

The Virgo Man
The man born under the sign of Virgo is a rather shy fellow. Approaching women is rather not his thing. He would much rather be conquered himself. Even if his heart is inflamed once, you don't notice his exuberant feelings. Until he opens his heart, he weighs all the positive and negative qualities of the potential partner and again lets his mind decide. But once the man has decided, he is also faithful to his partner. The pronounced compulsion to order is not everyone's cup of tea, but you have to accept this if you decide for a man with the zodiac sign Virgo. The Virgo man wants to be perfect and make everything perfect. There disturbs already once a plate standing around, which must be absolutely still removed. The perfect complement here would be the Scorpio partner. Virgo and Scorpio could not be more opposite and as is well known, opposites attract.

Virgoes in the profession
Image versus soul - this guiding theme occupies Virgos, especially professionally. Character studies of Virgo unravel the mystery of female intuition: the diffuse dissatisfaction of erratic Mars often drives Virgos to look inward to explore your own needs. Many creative Virgos possess a gentle but closed-off nature. Only trusted friends may privately enter the headstrong realm of the stars. Typical for the romantic look of the sensitive star signs is the motto: "My home is my castle". Moonlike Virgos have no objections to a high standard of living! Topically informed virgins know just also that the abbreviation ABC stands for the famous Archbishop of Canterbury, count you nevertheless often to the exclusive members of the High Society.


Photographer, fashion consultant or actor - Virgos live out their creative streak in the classic artistic professions. The idolized diva of the zodiac knows on the job: leadership potential, freedom and responsibility are inseparable. With a plea for non-conformism on their lips, the individualists endure neither conformity nor heteronomy. Thus, your female passivity shows in almost all professional métiers, especially in the creative industry. Beautiful spirits prefer to react in the office instead of acting. Focused Virgos nevertheless have a talent for setting the right boundaries on the job. It annoys them when others saddle you with new obligations. Then conflict-shy Virgos vacillate between deep self-reflection, self-promotion, and crowd-pleasing staging. Secretly, honest employees ask themselves between full schedules: Is your objective right? Is the content more important than the outward significance of your work?

Virgoes in love
The realistic and perfect Virgo sometimes shows herself quite cool and checks carefully before revealing too much of her passion. However, if she opens up, the reserved Virgo becomes a tender and romantic partner. She does not like adventures and unrestrained affairs. Factually, she always takes the sensible path. She keeps her love lust under control and waits to see if the acquaintance meets her great requirements. If it does not meet them, then the Virgo feels misunderstood liebeshoroskop jungfrauund withdraws. But if she finds someone who feels the same way she does and can communicate with her on the same level, love may develop. Once she has caught fire, this is the beginning of a lasting relationship.

. With her sense of reality, Virgo often gets in her own way, so sex for her is also usually a union that belongs to the partnership. The self-discipline of Virgo destroy some moments of happiness and passionate devotion she rarely knows. However, the sensitive partner can ignite a fire in Virgo in intense moments. Then she will not disappoint the partner. But this is only when Virgo is relaxed and the environment suits her. She likes to determine the time when sex takes place. She does not think much of spontaneity. However, this does not mean that her earthy nature almost always shows coolness. Only it reminds that the act belongs to the real life and is not an intoxicating experience.

The Virgo man is adaptable in bed and is always happy to satisfy the sexual desires of the woman.
The Virgo lady likes to wait for the man's experiments, which can tempt her to an intense passion.

The Virgo woman is faithful and reliable. Once she has decided to love, she will stick to her partner in good days as well as in bad.

Dear Virgo, please forget a little reality, because there are so beautiful many moments in love, where it is worth dreaming. Reality may be forgotten from time to time.

Famous Virgo Women
Mother Theresa, Agatha Christie, Ingrid Bergman, Sophia Loren

Famous Virgo Men
Caligula, Lew N. Tolstoi, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, D. H. Lawrence, Mario Adorf, Sean Connery, Ray Charles, Leonard Bernstein, Claude Debussy, Freddie Mercury, Jean Michel Jarre, Michael Jackson, Julio Iglesias, Stephen King, David Copperfield, Franz Beckenbauer, Jassir Arafat, Oskar Lafontaine, Wolfgang Schäuble

Element of the Virgo
Best day: Wednesday
Animals: Dogs, swallows
Scents: Incense
Metal: Bronze
Element: Earth
Flowers: verbena, hyacinth, aster
Colors: Green and yellow
Stones: citrine, serpentine, gold topaz, tiger's eye, aventurine