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Star sign Pisces traits / characterThe last sign of the zodiac is dedicated to the sign of Pisces. Many characteristics of Pisces can be found in the other signs of the zodiac. Thus, they sometimes have the stubbornness of Aries, the egoism of Leo, or the assertiveness of Taurus.

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History of Pisces
Good mood with Jupiter - the right problem-solving strategies suggests the vital sky father Jupiter. If Jupiter was once reported in ancient mythology as the father of the gods and ruler of Olympus, then this image needed a simple correction. The wise ruler unofficially acquired the not-so-popular reputation of a real ladies' man, who liked to use the marital ones for his own advantage. However, due to the charming nature of Pisces, you will gladly forgive even these character weaknesses, because Pisces know what it means to fulfill one's duties. The order-loving idealists love the Prussian work ethic in spite of all love affairs and vices, just as the disreputable Biedermanns know the etiquette manual by heart. Sometimes prudish, sometimes a bit brash - the debate-loving Pisces set themselves apart from daring opinions and enchant the tense audience with their down-to-earthness.

Pisces character
Enough with the single blues - the dazzling character of Pisces is a colorful illustration of the well-thought-out love map of Pisces. People are stalking you. Trying to get to the bottom of your secrets - however, firstly things always turn out differently for Pisces and secondly than you think. Unfortunately, fate often wants it that single Pisces long for security, but then get to a dreamy daredevil! When the house is in a bad way, smart Pisces realize: With cool realists like Libra, the thoughtful protégés of Jupiter harmonize. But woe! If someone wants to patronize helpful Pisces, they turn the tables! Be brave - then the world is yours!

All in all, a very successful mix. Pisces tend to daydream in their basic form, but a certain form of primal instinct cannot be denied either. Pisces are very helpful and try to adapt to their environment and help where they can. Therefore, enmities do not arise very often. According to the horoscope, you get along with a Pisces-born person mostly well and deep and firm friendships can develop. They have a very intimate charisma, which can quite captivate some counterparts. Pisces have a very pronounced empathy. Especially strong zodiac signs feel magically attracted to it. The reason for this is that they are probably never or rarely able to show feelings accordingly. As negative characteristics one could mention that they partly live far away from reality and like to put wishful thinking in the foreground. Through numerous funny ideas, zodiac signs Pisces quite often manage to advance professionally with their proposals.

The Pisces Woman
If you had to describe romance in one word, it would be the Pisces woman. She is a little dreamer and quite often tries to hide behind the reveries, escaping from reality. Like a small fish in an aquarium hiding in a plant or fish in winter hiding from the cold at the bottom of the pond. She is very wise, which means that she chooses her profession and also her partner with the utmost care. She is also completely absorbed in her role as a mother. Most of the time she can raise her children without much help and manages everything as if it were no big deal. Whether school problems, puberty or other worries, a Pisces mother always stands by with advice and counsel. She wants to receive love from her partner, so the zodiac sign Pisces woman mainly looks for partners who can give her that. If this succeeds, this will also be rewarded with the same attention and devotion.

The pisces man
In the aquarium of the zodiac sign Pisces, the Pisces man should not be underestimated. At first sight he is not capable of a relationship, but this is not quite true. He is only not immediately ready to enter into a firm relationship. However, once he is hooked, you will have a very reliable and faithful partner at your side in the long run. As a partner you will be carried by a Pisces man according to the horoscope, as if on hands and it is read every wish from the eyes. However, he is not very good with money and spends it as soon as he has it, without worrying about the future. Then again, you start to struggle with life and you have to build up as a partner. Otherwise you crawl away into seclusion like fish in winter.

Pisces in job
Pastor, teacher or lawyer - whoever thinks that the argument culture of educated fish does not go beyond the level of a cockfight, does not yet know the true nature of perfectionist fish. Like once Jeanne D'arc, they robustly assert their opinion, defend political ideas and fight as visionaries for the good in people. When the bustle in the office rises by what feels like 10°, the preachers are completely in their element. Crucifix! is how many an underfed office mate escapes, listening to the verbal monologues or elegies of the shrewd roosters. However colleagues can rely with office whispering on the corridor radio on one: which is told fish, that remains also with fish. Because actually, behind the bickering and bickering is the understandable, human desire for respect and recognition.

Pisces and love life
Pisces people are sensitive and loving beings, but also sensual and adaptable. People born under the sign of Pisces tend to love sexual togetherness just because of the closeness to each other. Due to an open-minded nature towards flirts and the like, Pisces rarely stay to themselves for a long time.

The women among the Pisces people are lustful and they let this rub off on the partner. However, they also like to adapt to the approach of the other to give this a good feeling.Female Pisces like to attract attention with provocative clothing and seduce.

Pisces men are just as passionate as women, but like to have the decision-making power in erotic matters. These decisions should be accepted by the respective partner, to ensure a harmonious coexistence.

However, these characteristics do not apply to the Pisces at all times, since they are rather shy at the beginning of the getting-to-know phase and need a certain time to unfold. If this time has come, however, Pisces also like to take the initiative and overcome their initial shyness. Pisces people often have high expectations of a solid partnership, which, if not fulfilled, often ends in depression. Therefore, a strong partner is necessary, who keeps the Pisces again and again the firm belief in myself. Pisces are also very spiritual beings and need, in addition to a strong partner, a deep faith.

Pisces should note that sometimes it is better to pay attention to yourself rather than others and to take time out to find yourself. Too much is never good and that is why after a failed relationship Pisces must first get back on their feet and come to themselves before entering into a new relationship again, because otherwise it is quite possible to take the old difficulties with them into the new relationship.

Famous Pisces Women
Cindy Crawford, Katja Ebstein, Uschi Glas

Famous Fische Men
Albert Einstein, Falco, Enzo Ferrari, Gert Fröbe, Joachim Fuchsberger, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Lamberto Dini

Elements of the Pisces
Best day: Thursday
Animals: elephant, dolphin, dog
Metal: Tin
Element: Water
Flowers: iris, jasmine, hibiscus
Colors: purple, gray, blue, river green
Stones: pink coral, turquoise, aquamarine