Zodiac sign Gemini - characteristics 2023

Zodiac sign Gemini traits / characterGemini belongs to the air signs and is considered particularly lively and charming. People with zodiac sign Gemini must be born between May 21 and June 21. Routine and boredom are among the enemies of the Gemini, so you can always experience something new with these people.

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History of the zodiac sign Gemini
With the story of the twin, you have to go back to Greek mythology. Here Zeus was in the form of a swan around the beautiful Leda. With her he also begot a son named Pollux. At the same time, however, she also fathered a child with her husband and Castor and Pollux were born as twins. Both were very close and were considered brave and strong. The only difference was that Castor was mortal and Pollux was not. However, Castor died in a fight and Pollux asked Zeus to kill him as well. However, Zeus gave him a choice, and Pollux chose his brother and alternated between the underworld and heaven with him.

General Gemini Characteristics
Even a single person can be born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Nevertheless, he takes many characteristics with him. Sometimes it seems that Gemini people possess two different souls. Therefore, the mood can change quickly. In general, however, the Gemini can win over many people and always has many friends. He is humorous and eloquent. Nevertheless, a Gemini is always full of surprises. He can provide cohesion and maintains human relationships. As weaknesses, however, he is often restless and nervous. Precision work he can do only reluctantly and he has a very great urge for freedom.

The Gemini Man
The Gemini man knows no routine, but always strives forward with a specific goal. Often he seems as if he is always under pressure and needed from all sides. Therefore, some women think that he is not very suitable for marriage. Moreover, his urge for freedom in this sense is much too great. Nevertheless, he can convince women of himself and becomes very witty and charming. Above all, the spontaneity of Gemini men is also very popular and you can have a lot of fun with them. They seem very sexy and also always come up with something new to impress the other people. He is very spontaneous and sometimes not quite true to himself, however. The mood can change very quickly.

The Gemini Woman
With a Gemini woman you meet a kind of chameleon. She is very fickle and can change her mind very often. She also changes men very often. Nevertheless, she seems very hungry for experiences and is constantly on the go. This makes it sometimes not very easy for her friends. However, with a good coaxing and her attraction she always manages to comfort the people around her. She can be very versatile and also appears very interesting to the outside world. With the energy and charm they try to go very far. Gemini women are very witty and also cheerful. Men are amazed especially by their transformation skills, which are not only related to the inner values, but also to the outward appearance.

Gemini in partnership
The Gemini finds love very interesting and also attracts. However, this feeling can also pass quickly, so that he looks for something new again. In general, he is also concerned about his own freedom, which is why he is not suitable for a longer partnership or even a marriage with restrictions. Nevertheless, Gemini loves also very passionately and speaks also very fast of love. However, everyday life also returns with pleasure, so that a separation is the consequence. Gemini love very impulsive and fickle and often change partners. However, they can also captivate their counterpart very well, so that spontaneity and ingenuity are rewarded. Gemini is generally a good match for an Aquarius, a Libra, an Aries, and a Leo. An unfavorable partner could be Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, or Scorpio.

. Gemini needs the variety, versatility and thrill like the air to breathe. Always looking for something new, something unknown, he sees a lot of life and the world. Witty and interesting conversations can entice him more than anything else, because he is extremely fond of talking about his own impressions and comparing them.

Therefore, it is also particularly easy for him to meet people and flirt with them. He falls in love quickly and violently, but cools down just as quickly. No zodiac sign therefore changes partners as often as the Gemini, because the idea of having to spend decades with one person triggers discomfort in the Gemini. Stagnation, boredom and routine within a relationship are a horror to him. Before the marriage altar can be dragged a Gemini rather unwillingly.

It is also extremely difficult for the Gemini to remain faithful. Often it lets nothing "burn" and flies like a multicolored butterfly of a flower to the next on the desperate search for something constantly interesting. However, if the air sign finds a partner who seems to him to be witty, clever as well as versatile, he can definitely lead a long-term relationship. However, this partner must always offer something new and have stimulating conversations with the Gemini. The physical togetherness must continue to have appeal for the Gemini and certain freedoms must be granted. Aquarians are a particularly good match for the Gemini. Also with another Gemini or an Aries it harmonizes.

A Gemini should always look for a partner who can surprise him with a lot of imagination every day and thus offer him the variety he needs.

Gemini at work
Also in the occupation the Gemini shows up very impulsively. This can make possible in the both a leading position, as well as deny. To its colleagues it has a very good relationship, whereby it can also hold together a whole team with its openness and joy. The Gemini is also suitable as a diplomat because of his versatility, as he can put himself in different situations. But curiosity can also make professional life more interesting. Gemini also learns very quickly and is also much flexible. Since there is a great desire for change, the travel industry is also very suitable for the Gemini. He is constantly looking for the unknown, which can also have very positive effects in the profession.

Famous Gemini Men
Paul Mc Cartney, Jaques Cousteau, Boy George, Georg Bush, Clint Eastwood, Che Guevara, John F. Kennedy

Famous Gemini Women
Naomi Campbell, Anne Frank, Steffi Graf, Alanis Morissette, Marilyn Monroe

Elements matching the zodiac sign Gemini
Best day: Wednesday
Animals: parrot, monkey, squirrel
Scents: tangerine, lavender, juniper
Metals: mercury
Element: Air
Flowers: forget-me-not, daisy
Colors: Blue, Gray
Stones: Agate, opal, magnetite